I need help with paper on why the government shouldn't ban illegal file sharers/downloaders from the internet

So, i'm writing a paper on why the gov't shouldn't ban illegal file downloaders/sharers from the internet. I need some ideas! I'm only alloud to use these articles




They all suck and I hate them. BTW if I do use one of your guy's ideas don't expect me to put your name in my paper, I can't, teacher wont let me. Smart teacher huh?

1. Learn how not to use caps lock, and 2. Have you actually read the articles?


Thanks bro for the links that require logins... Some topics that you could use that are from the top of my head are "people pirate because it is the only way to obtain it" Which is a distribution problem. "innovation or creativity" People pirate music and art to make cool YouTube videos.

When you finish the essay or report give me a rough draft to see how you did.

+1 to halo emperor distribution is a big issueand poor product market value  *cough*  (hollywood) *cough* (music industry), also there has been statistics that have proven A. people that pirate in country's where piracy is more frequent actually consume/purchase more media than people that don't. B. countrys with lax pirating laws like canada have have some of the lowest rates of piracy in the world and some of the the healthiest industry's like gaming.  

Thanks thanos, I knew I was on to something.

no pobs man, now you have some good points to go on, go find the evidence and give em a good explanation to drive it home. there is an article on the escapistmagazine.com about canadian pirate laws. there would be a good place to start

EDIT: yes you are haloemperor, and sorry the web reference was for OP

Some thoughts:

- media piracy is the very marketing mechanism the large communications corporations used to get such a great broadband internet market penetration so fast: the market penetration of broadband internet is higher than the marlet penetration of cable TV ever was for instance, and bradband internet did all of that in less than 10 years while cableTV has been around for some 30 years! Why did most people get broadband a few years ago? In the first place because it allowed them to download free media, because you could get music and movies! The users are not the real pirates, the communications companies and ISP's are! And it has created a monster: most users depend on big corporation to get internet connection, while in principle, the internet is free for all, that's the way it was intended originally. Politicians should not come down on users, they should come down on the corporate monster that has monopolised and pillaged the internet.

- how do original content creators benefit from any of the legal enforcement? If you download music for free from a torrent site or anywhere else, and like the music, you will go to concerts and buy apparel from a band for instance, which will benefit the artist directly, while when you buy a song via iTunes or any other DRM-terror thing, you can't use the music to a degree that the law enables you to because it's locked down to specific use with specific products on which they also milk profit from users, and the artist hardly gets paid at all.

- on one of my internet connections, the ISP throttles torrents extremely (like 1 kbit/s!) and indiscriminately. This is criminal, because as a Linux enthusiast, I download FOSS and GNU/Linux distros a lot, which are legal downloads, and it's best to download that via torrents, because a torrent client will perform automatic hash-check and get better and more secure downloads. Direct downloads require a manual hash-check and are open to MITM tinkering.

- To be fair, I don't see the benefit of media piracy torrents anymore. First of all, I don't use steam or commercial music or video downloads because I like having real tangible media. I often reside in a country that has been left for dead by media corporations because the market is too small, so they don't provide online payment methods and stuff, so you can't buy media online well. Therefore, they get very poor market penetration for internationally marketed media. The consequence is that the main distribution channel for PC games for instance is tangible media. So they can't sell the actual titles at full price, so I can buy AAA titles at 40 % less on actual media in a shop than I would pay on Steam.

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