I need help with my first build!

So I need help with my gaming build, this is my first computer build so I am open to suggestions. I am in the US and I would like to get around 100 FPS on most games and even more. I will most likely use it for pure gaming purposes, and I already have a OS (Win 7). 

Please tell me if I am overkill on some things, and if I am please suggest something better/cheaper for what I want. Also my budget is preferably under $800, and as of right now I am over budget by $60. Also, is there anything else I need to put it together? like tools wise and cables? 

[Barebones] CPU, Motherboard, 8GB Ram, Case, 750W PSU, and 1TB:


Optical Drive: 


Video Card:





Any help is much appreciated on this build as I would love to bring the cost down! If you have a build that is already great that would run LoL, Minecraft, most Steam games, and Cube World at over 100 FPS with high settings that would be great if you could post it with PCpartpicker.

Thank so much in advance! -Bryan

Also, is 750W PSU overkill for this build?

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/kzssnQ Able to get it closer to budget, only $16 over. But you get a ssd twice as big, and a good graphics card upgrade from a R9 270x to R9 280 :)

thanks, but it is still $880, do you think that my current build is good?

I'm not a fan of the tiger direct bundles. The parts choices are personally not very smart to me. The motherboard thats shown in the pictures is a early revision of a Gigabyte ud3 which had lots of over heating issues, so if they still ship that revision in this deal then the combo shouldn't be used. Also the price of it really is not the great either... If you wanted something thats closer to budget before rebates and coupons then this is what I'd do:  http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2khBhM otherwise I still recommend my first build since its still about $800 after rebates and coupons :) 

Thank you so much for your help! :D

No problem have fun building :)