I need help with basic linux stuff

i need help, with themes on Linux, so i have just install gnome 3.12 and the flat studio dark theme. the window theme works but im not sure how to get the icon theme (the one Logan uses). any help?

I also cant get it to work as a shell theme, help!, that might be why it only works as a window theme.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

i think he talked about all this in his one vlog of his first few days on linux

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Follow this tutorial.

Do you have shell themes enabled? Also, I couldn't find a shell theme at all in the Flat Studio folders, but I found Numix which is suspiciously similar to his shell theme. Maybe this is what he's using and just forgot to mention? (@Logan?)

EDIT: Added link to icon tutorial.

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thanks very much, there's no link though.

Fixed it. Sorry for that.

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I was able to get the circle icon theme from this site Numix-Circle Icon
Works very well and they have other pretty ones also.
Numix website has some other pretty themes and icons.
Hope that helps.

Those aren't the same icon themes but they're impressive.

Yea I wasn't sure but it is what I have been using and I do like them.