I need help to make an cheap gaming pc

Hello im from Canada and try to build an gaming pc for 500$.

i dont need the case, the OS or any monitor so i want to put all money on my hardware.

I dont want to overclock now but might be.

I need an CD drive cause only have molex one (pretty old) XD

I would prefer to get an intel CPU but dont really care if it's an AMD one.

Would like a thing like 8Gb ram and an 3,8 - 4,0 Ghz CPU but in my range of budget dont know if i can :/

tank you to help me and sorry for my bad english im from Québec....french canadian :)

Lots of people can manage to go without an optical drive.


Its a bit of a stretch.  I can get you a build for $500, but you'd be dropping off a decent amount in terms of performance.

i 1+ cette version n'ont tout simplement pas eu à MicroBytes ils vous arnaquer beaucoup de temps.

is this motherboard better for this build ?

GIGABYTE GA-F2A88XM-D3H FM2+ AMD A88X (Bolton D4) HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard

but tankyou for this fast answer

Quoi ? je comprend pas.. :(


Well a few questions I have. What size of motherboard can you case take? And do you need a power supply? Also you current monitor resolution?

Based on what I know now I built you this. You do have to make some trade off for a Intel system so keep that in mind. What you gain from it is a upgrade path for the future. I have used all these parts in cheap gaming builds for friends. 

The Pentium G3258 is Intel's 20th anniversary processor. It is a dual core but its fast for cheap. Comes stock at 3.2 Ghz but with a quick overclock you should have no issues getting over 4 Ghz. For just light computing like Surfing the web. Listening to music and gaming. Have played Battlefield 4 with this chip and it works great with the overclock.

Cooling I choose the CM hyper Evo. This chip does not get very hot at all. So it won't need that much for a good overclock. Should be able to get a good 4.2 to 4.5 with this cooler. 

Not knowing what size mother board your case can take I when with ASUS Z97-A. Good solid board. Gives you nice features like intel NIC, Good Audio, Fan control for what ever you have DC or PWM, Good soft where with really easy overclocking tool. Crossfire or SLI support. And to ability to upgrade to a higher end Intel chip in the future. (IE i5 or i7) 

GPU GTX 750 Ti. This one has the 25 watt extra power and have gotten a quick an easy 250mhz overclock on the core and memory. It performs a little lower than the 265 with its overclock. But only by a few frames. And in some Nvidia titles better than the 265. Still does not get very hot with the overclock and quiet.

EVGA power supply is a good one. And affordable.

And there is a optical drive if you really need one. I don't use them anymore myself. 

I have a friend that has almost this same set up. The only Difference is he is using a Corsair H60 instead of the Hyper Evo. With his system we got a max overclock of 4.7Ghz with the Asus overclocking software. But dialed it back to 4.5 Ghz to keep it under 1.3 volts. 


These are the reasons for what I have chosen and hope you find it helpful. Any questions I will try to answer as fast as I can.  


Thats a great part set, although you could drop some of the features of the Z97A and go for something like MSI Z87 PC mate (half the price), and add more money to your GPU budget to get to a R9 280. This is assuming that MSI board ships with newer bios that supports the G3258, which i dont think is a haswell refresh.

Try this: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/NmhKnQ


You can also find some really good deals on 7950's for about $120 and 7970's for $150-$200 on ebay and amazon.

I recommended the Z97 because if he wants to upgrade later he is not looked into Haswell only. He can also use Devils Canyon and Broadwell. I think it worth it to take a little hit on the performance now so you don't have to later.

I would upgrade that Power Supply. Its only rated 384 watts on the 12 volt rail. And the amps is only 32. I think the 280 is 30. Its always good to follow the 80 80 rule


  1. This build is  190.38 CDN over budget.
  2. Psu is under powered ... needs at least 500w (system usage should be just under 80% of total available PSU wattage.
  3. two 4GB sticks of ram (instead of one 8GB) to take advantage of dual channel

He said

+1 this version just did not have to MicroBytes they rip you off a lot of time.

I think he meant he liked the build and gave it a +1 and I believe he thinks MicroBytes are a rip off. Sorry he did not any sense to me either.   lol

 Cellprocessing ...

  1. the ram in this build may under clock because of the 1.5v Haswell requirement.
  2. and the build is  110.00 CDN over budget.

+1 ......... except for only one (expensive) stick of ram 

G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory


+1 for the nice catch on the Canadian currency.

The price changed on the HyperX Black RAM :L

hahaha ok tank you wasnt sure.

I have alot of old cases so ill fit in any case. i do need a power supply and i will start with an old monitor then buy a new one so the resolution ain't a big deal now. Is Intel cpu are wayy better for gaming then AMD ? i do some reserch about the MSI r7 265 and she looks pretty strong so do i need more then her ? i just want to precise that one of the game i play the most now its league of legend....if it could change youre build idea but tank you for youre answer

i think i will go for you're build but im I better to upgrade my ram to 2 x 8GB or uprage my gpu to an r9 example ?


If you plan to do thing such as video editing/rendering, get more RAM.

If you're mainly gaming, upgrading the graphics card will give you improved performance.  8GB of RAM is plenty for gaming - gaming is often very heavily GPU-bound

If you do decide to upgrade, here's what I'd recommend:

R9 270

R9 285

R9 280