I need help !PLEASE! building FX-8350 gaming pc

ive built several pc's back in the pentium 4 days.....ugh things have changed. I want to build this "gaming" pc around the fx-8350. my budget is $1,200-$1,300. I live in a small apartment so i would realy like to use my LG 47LM4600 47" 1080p 120Hz tv as a monitor please help any input would be helpful thank you.

Here: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/xiBT

It is $1400 because I added an SSD, which, although not needed, I would highly recommend. Without it, you are within your budget, but it will make everything so much faster. Overall, this build would be very powerful, but an HDTV will not be as fast or clear as a monitor. Use that huge thing until you can afford, at least, a 1080p 24". I would recommend a 1920x1200 24", or, if you have the money, a 2560x1440 27". The 24" monitor is my favorite size, combining great resolution with an affordable price. Asus and the Dell Ultrasharps are great monitors. As for other peripherals, a Rosewill mechanical keyboard is a great upgrade. I personally love my 9100, but it is discontinued. For gaming and programming, and pretty much everything, a mechanical keyboard is better. I use Cherry MX Blue switches due to their tactile click and sound, but there are a variety of options. The mouse is more opinionated, but as a whole, I recommend Logitech. My Logitech g600 black MMO mouse is the best mouse I have ever used. STAY AWAY FROM RAZER. I chose the white Fractal Design R4 simply because I like the color, but it also comes in solid black, and black with a brushed metal front door. Fractal Design, in my opinion, is the very best case company out there. The quality and minimalism on their products is superb, and the price is perfect. I have a Fractal Design XL USB 3.0 Titanium Grey full tower case, and it is the best case I have ever used. Great cable management options, superb airflow, and very sexy. The cases are pretty heavy; they are made out of steel, almost entirely. However, this makes your computer feel extremely solid and well-built, which it is. If you have any more questions, PM me. Happy building!



-Brennan Riddell


I would recommand this build. It should run every modern game on ultra at about 60fps. The final price is $1179.62.