I need help on what to get to upgrade

So, right now I have an AMD FX-4170(Quad core 4.2Ghz) and a GTX 760. I'm going to be selling a computer to a friend for around 300$-400$ I want to get an AMD-8320 and GTX 970, but then I thought well, I'm only going to be 1080p gaming so why don't I get a GTX 960 and have some money to use on something else. I think I should just get the 960 and 8320, please don't say anything about getting an intel build, I don't have the funds to get a new mobo and an intel CPU. Sooo, basically the 970 will get me more FPS, but I'm only doing 1080p so the 960 should be fine.

I personally would go with an AMD fx6300, the thing over clocks great, is cheap and its a 6 core. You wont really notice a difference between it and the 8 core in gaming, and its cheaper. Then I would skip the 960 and go with r9-290x. I think the AMD Gpu will smoke a 960 and will last longer before needing another upgrade.

The thing is I sort of want the 8 core for the streaming and recording, also some rendering, and the 970 is better than the 290x for only like 20-30$ more.

Correction, around 10-30$ cheaper

I'll say go for the 970 if you can afford it, there's nothing wrong with extra fps on 1080p, and you will have extra horse powers to run new games for the next 2 or 3 years.

I like that, but the problem is that I need a new CPU, this one is just not working well for me.

yea, grab the fx 8320 like you mentioned, it's an old architecture but still fast and it won't bottleneck the 970, so no worries to that.

A few FPS wont matter between the 960 and 970 on 1080p games since they both rock 1080p's world. If you have a 60Hz monitor then you won't even be able to pump more than 60 FPS with a noticeable difference. Save some money, get an 8-core, 960, and cooler with the money saved.

Your motherboard??? - a weak motherboard wont play too nice with an 8 core FX.
If your board isnt too bad then go for a 8320E and something like a r9 280 as the 960's really are an overpriced gpu imho ~ and only 2gb in most flavours.

I have an ASRock 970 Pro 3. Also, I was looking at craigslist and I saw a 780 for 200$, if I end up with 200$ soon, I'm going to try to get it.

970 Pro3 is weak. It can barely handle overclocking a 6300.

It did get my 4170 to 4.5 on stock cooler, I did not even notice until I looked at CPUID

Yeah, because a 4130's power draw is quite low.

Actually, the 4170's is 125 watts. I don't know why but they stopped selling the 4170.

125w TDP... Not actual power draw... An overclocked 8350 will probably make your quad core look like a PC equivalent of the Toyota Prius...

I realized that after posting that. But I've always wondered why people recommend the FX-8350 and not FX-8320. They are almost the same, one is 4Ghz, then the other one is 3.5. But you could just overclock the 8320 to match the 8350.

The FX-8320 is a decent option, but keep in mind that FX-8350s (as well as any other chip which has a faster frequency) are usually binned higher, which usually result in either higher possible overclocks or the same overclocks with lower voltage.