I need help making a username!

My name is Tyson O'Neil I want a username that goes with my real name that sounds cool!

Tyson O'Neil? Just use your real name?

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naah I cant use that in games I just thought of the name zenith do you think that sounds good?

my normal user name is KrunA do you like that?

Online names are an odd thing. There have been several fashions over the years. Leetspeak, movie references way too many X's.

Mine came from my celtic heritage and I first used way before the internet was a thing. It was my CB handle when pseudonyms had to be used because CB here in the UK was illegal. I have used the same one or a variation of that name everywhere online since first going online back in the early 90's.

The guys in the clan I'm in have some odd names. Some are jokes, some refer to where they live. The real strange this is when we meetup in the real world. Use real names or gamer names?

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Do you think the name Kruna is good?

Stop using your real name on the internet it's stupid and dangerous

son0ne? ironic zero for one, a bit leet

Just use a random string generator and pick the one that sounds cool.

Dyson O'Sphere


Tyler O'Neil = Tyrant of Steel

BTW never give out your full name again!

I already got a hold of your IP address and there's no telling what I could do with this information if I weren't a CEH that I am.
Next time be more careful

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Honestly find something your extremely passionate about. make a cool name for it... Then find your most obvious personality trait and put it in front..

I'm a cynical RF engineer. So my name really give its off

Lol thats not my internets ip thats my local ip you cant do anything with that. And by the way i use a vpn so it would not do much anyway

The IP address is coming from... INSIDE THE HOUSE!


Fairly sure his real IP is No doubt in my mind^^

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