I need help looking for a new case

A while back when I was thinking of building myself a pc but still didn't have enough cash , someone suggested the cooler master elite 431+ case.But after seeing some overwievs a bit I see that the cable managment there isn't the best , and also lack of air filters for the fans.So I was thinking could anyone suggest a case in the similar price range as the cooler master , can be a bit more expensive , but not too much , would have better cable managment and a bit more air filters atleast at the bottom(my room acumulates dust very quickly).I am using the assrock n68-s ucc mother board and an i-Tec power gamer 700w power supply.

The Antec Threehundred two 302 is a great little case, though I don't think it has a ton of air filters.

I was going to suggest the NZXT Source 210, but again, I don't think it has too many airfilters either.

However, I did find this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811988015

I personally think it's a little steep for what it does, but you're probably only going to need one for the bottom because the the front intakes are almost always filtered, and the top and rear should be exhaust if populated by fans at all. Assuming all the fans are the same, if intake > exhaust, it creates a positive air pressure, forcing out of any vents and cracks. The Source as plenty of spaces to mount intake fans: 2x 120 in front, 120 at the bottom, and one on the side..

That case is not sold in my country :[


Yeah that case is also not sold in my country =[

Ok if i have to go for the cooler master are there bolt holes needed to bolt in ,my current mobo? nad enough space for my power supply?


Well, knowing what country you're in could help in recommending a case. I'm pretty sure the lot of us are located in the States, if not elsewhere in North America.

There isn't any bolting required for any modern case (unless you have massive lead CPU cooler, which I wouldn't recommend :P). Motherboards usually come with their own set of standoffs, so use those instead of any that might come with the case. As long as the power supply is ATX, then it should fit without problem, though I haven't heard of i-Tec.

Look for similarly priced Bitfenix stuff. Its cheaper Shinobi, Raider are pretty good. Need more fans but good still.

If you can afford it, get the Fractal Design Define R4. Without a doubt, it's the best case I've ever owned. The quality that you come across throughout the chassis will blow you away.

Yeah , it definetly looks nice but sadly it's very costly.

I live in Lithuania

Ok as it currently stands , I found another option for the case since it's quite cheap , and appears to have better cable managment than the cooler master 431 + , It's the Aerocool Ultimate gaming X-PREDATOR X1 Black , if anyone has any exeperience or some thoughts about it or heard something I would definetly like to hear it.

Also found Cooler Master Haf 912 also quite cheapt , has positive reviews , sadly its a bit overbudget(is it worth the extra?).