I need help installing windows 7 via USB right this second

I'm trying to install Windows 7 from a usb drive and have been getting no luck at all. I correctly created the bootable USB, I have exactly 9 items on the USB:

  • autorun.inf,
  • boot(folder),
  • bootmgr,
  • bootmgr.efi,
  • efi(folder),
  • setup.exe,
  • sources(folder),
  • support(folder)
  • upgrade(folder).

I can access the bios and have 3 options in the boot priority list: the actual name of my USB drive, the UEFI option for my usb drive and my Samsung 840Pro 128gb. I have tried booting from both the USB drive's "proper name" and off of the UEFI option both lead to a black screen with a flashing underscore line in the top left which leaves the PC unusable(I have to use the switch on the back of the PSU to turn it off). I get the single post beep and like I said, have no issues using bios.

One other small issue worth mentioning is that when my graphics card is connected I cannot see the blinking underscore line, just a blank screen. I have disconnected it for now, using the built in hd4000 which shows me the line.

PC specs: i5 3570k(stock heat sink for now)

Gigabyte Z77X-D3H

Gigabyte 7970 ghz edition

Generic Corsair Vengeance RAM that has a long boring name. 8GB(2x 4gb)

Corsair TX650 power supply

Samsung 840Pro 128gb

PLEASE help me out here, I'm losing hair very rapidly.

So what you need is a program like nero or power iso to make that cd into an .iso file. Reformat your flash drive and make it into a bootable once again (Do not skip this step) You should just have to paste the .iso file of windows into the drive. Enter your bios and install and you should be good to go.

Paste the .iso file ? I've read not to do that...