I need help identifying some hardware given to me

Here is what I am talking about. What is this thing? https://imgur.com/a/2HETKdo Not sure if imgur links are allowed.

I was given a box of stuff and it contained this. It appears to be brand new and I believe its server equipment. The only listing on Ebay i found was a ‘for parts or not wokring’ listing for $150.

I would like to sell it if it is worth anything. It is wrapped up as if its brand new and I have the original box for it.

Educated guess: Midplane adapter card for whatever high-density platform Dell used at the time. IBM called it BladeCenter, I think Dell currently calls it M1000e.

Looks like some sort of power&data distribution board.

This is a replacement back plane for a smaller version of the dell M1000e.
This board provides all connectivity (both power and data) to all of the individual blades in a blade center.
Sadly I don’t know the exact model and cannot find anything about it online after some searching.

Good Luck with it though. :grinning: