I need help. i have someone accessing privileged info

i have some online friends(along with myself) who are being targeted by someone online, on a social network site who is putting private information out there. i need help finding out who it is because the stuff they can ge their hands on is scary. i dont want my identity stole or something! please help!!

Well, before anyone can help you, we could use a bit more information on what exactly is going on. Could use an example or a few.

If its stuff on facebook, or something, just contact support or submit a ticket, it should be removed quickly. 

Just wondering what did you do to piss them off?


In any case, any idea where they are getting your *sensitive information* from? 

Now if they are posting your passwords on the web, get a decent antivirus like Nod32 and do a scan, also, you propably haveto change all your e-mail passwords, a persons e-mail is like jackpot, once somebody unwanted gains access, they can reset your passwords on various websites, get information you have entered there, like your birthday, or saved credit card information.

Now i dont want to scare the **** out of you, or make you amish. But post additional information about your problem. 

Start with the social site, get help from personel there. 

Here, we caught the guy, It's Someone.

some of the information cant be found online. they are making their way around blocks and privatizing profiles. they may have even stole a debit card number after an online purchase. this person knows my name and its not posted on that particular site. none of ours are. . i have it on fb, but not this other site. they have personal information such as names, IP addresses,like, they new one girls middle name, and that isnt posted anywhee on the internet, including facebook.  they have been reported plenty but keep creating a new profile. the social site admins cant do anything and the police wont. none of us did anything to this person, they just really seem kind of like a dangerous sociopath. they seem to be able to get their hands on any and all info they want... i wouls like to think that it was a mutual friend messing w all of us, but we dont share any mutual friends. when i can get a hold of one of them, i will get you more examples. but i suppose phishing my email would make sense but thats a lot of people to mess with like that at once. ive always had phising issues with my email so its possible, but idk.... they have alwaysbeen spamming ones

this is what one sent me "He knows my legal information, my criminal background, my source of income, my full name, my sons name, my sons fathers name....... Im sure he knows my address."

scan your pc for a keylogger etc with a good anti virus, change your e-mail password and things like security questions etc, make sure nothing has been tampered with in there and make sure any website your using with a bank card has a new password etc. Also for the record an IP address ISNT personal Information

That is extremely serious. First thing, save the very most important files on a flash drive, and completely wipe Windows. If there is a virus on that installation, then you are going to blast it to hell. Install Ubuntu for the time being, and load it up with anti-virus software. Scan often, and don't go to suspicious websites, etc., etc.

If the security breach is that serious. It might be, that somebody has gained access to some information on the PD database or something (might be even an emplyee there, pretty sure a lot of unauthorozed people have access to some places).

Anyway, I dont think the problem relyes only on your PC or e-mail anymore.

This problem needs help from upper channels, its strange that the police wont do anything, because this is clearly a serious matter if they have access to your criminal record and legal info.

(if you have a gmail account, you can check the history and get the IP from where it was accessed, you can get the location, or something, unless they are behind a proxy, or use public computer, also the website can send you some info, they most likely have a record of him)

How did he send you the info btw?

Do they claim to know, or actually have sent you some proof of the information, like your sons name is John Smith, and your father is David Smith.

Either way, you are being targeted by some psycopath, we can help you protect your pc, but thats about it, im afraid.

This is turning into some bad CSI plot right about now, and im getting the feeling i have allready seen something similar on a TV show in the past...


Just gona give some specific advice on your PC security, get an Antivirus, Eset Nod32 or SmartSecurity are very nice. You can get a 30 day trial on them. Scan your pc regularly. IF, somebody is tracking your network connection, *i hope not, this would be really bad,

install Tor, it encrypts your network traffic, 

Depending on what e-mail service you use, change your password, secret question, etc, so it wont be possible to recover password with old information. IF you have some strange e-mail service, then switch to something more secure. I hope you are not using yahoo, because they had a breach not too long ago.


Another advice-

Change your wifi password(if you have one). Also block your debit card.  This is pretty serious. 

All the Best.