I need HELP here! My school grades are at stake! Defcon 1!

Well I got a major problem my IT teacher says i got to deliver a full working PHP web store page on Friday, and i've been sick for like a nearly two weeks!!! I got a lot of other school work as well so i Need to get answer from you of what i need to learn about, and how to do it.

- I have knowledge of HTML, CSS and some Javascript. my teacher has made two premade PHP files. I want you guys to comment and give me advise on what to with each. where to put what like links to the MySQL, link one Document to the other Sorry I sound like a noob, that is because i am and got little time. I only need the knowledge that can help me with the task i have to do. Tips whatever.

Here is the minimum requirements for the PHP set by my teacher:

Make a web store

You must sell at least 15 products

It has to be a page for each product

You got to have a page with practical information. Such as ordering information, shipping and company info

All pages should be able to navigate with links.

The site must have HTML that validates, vha "HTML Validator"

you have to semantic HTML code and use right tags to right functions

You have to make an associated database where you store products and other information from the website

You have to make users of the website able to write a review on the product like Amazon or Ebay.


So I need to learn a lot in 5 days, What of PHP like properties, tags, functions etc... Do i need to use for this task. I only want what i need. I would love to upload the two premade PHP docs made by my teacher for the class to for you to see. but unfortanatly i can't.

Highschool or college?

If it was me I'd put all the products and such into a rss stream and then format the main page to parse the rss stream and put it in a nice format so it looks like a products page, that would put all of the products into a database and then for each product object you create a text field on the page when filled out adds a rss object to yet another rss stream you could also have it just add the comment to a field in main rss stream and use delimiters to seperate them but thats not what you will want to do if you want a good grade. due to the rss steams you only need to make two pages main store page and the product page and then when a user clicks on somehting in the main page the product pages recives the info and then displays the data assoicated with that product.


these aren't website specific rescources but I wanted to help you best i could

http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/apps/hh974582.aspx this is a html and javasript app while the code isn't copy and pastable because its a windows store app its a good tutorial on how to display rss data with html and rss.

after geting a working rss database the rest of the stuff is pretty basic and should fall into place the only thing thats not mentioned is if rss counts as a database you may need to use mysql which is another topic altogether.