I need help, guys! Touchpad doesn't work

All right, so the touchpad on my Acer TravelMate 292ELC doesn't work. Neither the buttons nor the pad, that is.

I've searched through the entire internet, without finding an answer.

Try uninstalling the driver for it, plug a mouse in if you can, then do the following:

* press Windows+Pause, this will open system properties, if you're in XP, goto the hardware tab, then click device manager, if you're in Vista, just click device manager in the left pane.

* then goto "mice and other pointing devices", click right on your touchpad (should be either PS/2 compatible mouse, or synaptic touchpad) and click "uninstall", then it will ask to restart, restart, and the next time you boot up it should reinstall the driver again automatically.

yeah dude, if replacing the drivers dont work, its a hardware error, and you probably have a busted touch pad

Damn... I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but nothing.

Guess it's busted then. ;)

Problem is it's my dad's laptop, and the touchpad went out just like that; overnight actually.

hmm, is it still under warrently? try getting it replaced.

It's a pretty old computer, think he bought it in '03. Guess he really needed to upgrade anyways.