I need help fixing a broken mp4

Hello everyone!

I have been working on a video for a few days now and here's my dilemma: I was recording a screen capture/webcam video using OBS and, guess what! Windows 10 decides it's time to shut down and update. That's what I get for early adoption, I guess. Anyways, I had pretty much finished my video except OBS didn't get a chance to finalize the mp4 file, so now it's corrupted or something. I can't open it in VLC, I can't upload to YouTube, and I can't import to my video editor. I tried using VideoRepair tool that I found by performing a quick google search. Unfortunately, it was only able to repair the first few seconds :( I can always record the video again, but it's a pain in the neck to set up all of my equipment (green screen, lights, software, etc.) and I would like to have this video published before the weekend is over.

If anyone has any helpful tips it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance :D