I need help finding an SSD

Yeah, so I think it's time I get an SSD. I am really on a budget here, too. I need something like 64gb≥ to store my OS (windows 8.1 pro), my battlefield(s), and some other games. Here are some SSD's that have caught my attention:

Sandisk X110 64GB 2.5" SSD

A-Data Premier Pro SP900 2.5" SSD

Corsair Force LS 120GB 2.5" SSD

That's a rough list. Can you guys help me out?

I do not like the Sandforce controller. 

Personally I would go with the Samsung 840 Evo. Yeah it may be a little more but I have used tons of these things. They have been fantastic. 

I agree. I really trust samsung, but it's expensive.

My first thought was "well were did you last see it?"

how much are you looking to spend? where are you located? If you live in the US you can find deals regularly especially with the holidays coming up just check everywhere.

Adata ssds are good ( I own one), everyone loves Samsung ssds, as for the rest I am sure they are not terrible it seems the early days of ssds were like the wild west ( your ssd could die any day!) but that seems to have settled.

Expensive?  The 840 EVO is decently priced.

Personally, I like my HyperX 3K.  My bootup times are faster on my HyperX 3K than my 840 Evo - and it uses a sandforce controller.  It feels a tad bit snappier in my experience, but both are still great drives.


The cheapest EVO I can find. Since I can't afford it, it seems expensive to me. I don't know, I might want to save up.

+1 for the evo ... but in op's defense the price has risen in the last couple months

I own Adatas and have put many Samsungs in builds and used some Mushkins  ... I got no complaints

Ah, that's not a terrible price.  Things have really come down in the past year.

Even some of the most budget drives are only $15 cheaper.  Take this decent budget Kingston HyperX Fury drive, for example:


I highly recommend getting 120GB(or larger, ofc).  I've managed to fit Windows 7, Adobe CC Suite, and some other programs such MS Office and whatever small programs that didn't let me select a file directory to install in.  The common programs that you use will be super snappy once on your SSD.

http://techreport.com/review/27062/the-ssd-endurance-experiment-only-two-remain-after-1-5pb Boom, There you go, I personally went with the Neutron GTX 240GB, great ssd, hasn't dropped in speed at all! You can see it increased in speed as the writes went forward.

And then there's the 840 pro which is always going to beat everything.

"always" I wouldn't hold up to that, there is always new tech for ssds coming out, I don't like how people shop for ssds by choosing the cheapest one. (not sayings the 840 pro is bad).