I need help do decide computers

http://www.bestbuy.com/site/HP+-+ENVY+14%26%2334%3B+Laptop+-+8GB+Memory+-+1TB+Hard+Drive+-+Silver/6835328.p?id=1218808390586&skuId=6835328 and http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Asus+-+15.6%26%2334%3B+Refurbished+Laptop+-+6GB+Memory+-+750GB+Hard+Drive+-+Mocha/5690637.p?id=1218680102886&skuId=5690637 what im looking for is a strong computer to sit down and relax on my couch

Depends what your looking for. Neither of these could game much. If you want the larger screen get the Asus. I would buy the cheaper one for general use. You aren't really going to see a performance difference between the two. 

I would go for the Asus just for the bigger screen and the dedicated 610 graphics.

Just for surfing around? I'd look at the newish Chromebooks. They're pretty much perfect for just surfing around and are pretty cheap so you can save some money along with it. Sony Vaios are also really really nice! I used to have one but I was too stupid as far as computers to not open it up and see what it was etc.

Personally I'd never own an hp laptop again, I have worked as a technician for years and see them fail more than any other brand either from overheating or just the motherboard dieing 

That actually just happened to mine.

The rubber on the charger was completely melted with dust shooting out of it when I came back into the room  when leaving it upload a video.