I need help choosing parts! (intel vs Amd)

Hi I am going to get about $500 in a couple of weeks and i need to know which one of these builds is more future proof. 

Okay I can't choose which one to go with. 

I3 3220 or AMD fx 4130

Hd R7770 1gb or GTX G550TI 1gb (These two cards are the same price on tigerdirect.)

The mother boards are basicly the same besides the sockets.

I will upgrade in the future. 

Which is better for Gaming? (As in Arma 2&3)

Also is this PSU any good? I don't want it dieing on me.

Ultra LSP650 650-Watt Power Supply


AMD's new drivers add even more to that, so I'd for sure go with the 7770!


the FX 130 dosent exist, do you mean the sempron 130? if so i would go for the I3 because it has far more processing power than the sempron


http://forums.anandtech.com/showthread.php?t=2247863 avoid the PSU, i would reccomend the corsair builders series 500W instead


Oops ment fx 4130

FX 4130 & Radeon HD7770, the AMD Gpu's still have more optimization to give more performance and the  FX 4130 should leave you better off unless you plan to upgrade to an i5 or something similar in the future.

Plus AMD will still be using the AM3+ Socket for at least 1 more CPU iteration meaning if your Motherboard supports a high enough TDP then youll probably be able to flas the Bios and install said new CPU.

Oh And get a better PSU from a recommended brand.

I am sort of a noob at this but what do you mean flas the "flash the Bios and install said new CPU"? When i install a cpu i need to flash it? What is flashing a bios?