I need help building a PC repair/ building website on square space (or whatever service you think is best for my purposes)

I am broke and can't work I'm disabled I have ptsd among other things. I figured I would try to make some money to survive by fixing peoples computers even tho I would rather do custom builds but i will do whatever makes money. I just want a basic website on square space using Logan's code which I can't remember what it is. I just want a simple business page stating what I can do such as computer repair hardware software viruses building computers nas hdpc gaming business computers anything really all that stuff. I learned it myself then I took college classes on pc repair. I'm just totally unknowledgable and not very creative when it comes to webdesign. witch is weird because I am super creative and intelligent when it comes to all other areas. I really would appreciate it if some one would volunteer to help me set it up. I cant now but if I make some money I could give you some but was hoping some one would just help me out for sense of community.

Are you set on using squarespace? Is that mainly because of ease of maintenance? Were you planning on using an integrated store system or anything? Just curious. There are some non-squarespace templates that might work well for your needs too.

I don't know I was just going to use it because Logan recommended it. I just want to use it as advertising and then to post build examples. Wasn't really planning on selling anything. If there is a better route to go I am game. Just need to try to generate business and list services offered. I also want to offer home services such as computer setup home theater setup and house call and such.

If you set up a wordpress for your site, in their repository, they have quite a few store plug-ins.

I don't know how to do any of it tha'ts why I was trying to get someone to help me set it up and design it because I'm at a loss. The more I look maybe squarespace isn't the best site because it seems everything is themed I'm willing to pay some one some money I don't have much. But whatever service we go with I just want a page that list services, contact information and pictures of builds that I could update over time. I also need someone who can do photoshop or something to help me design some kind of logo so I can make business cards and fliers to post and handout everywhere locally.

You might look into Squarespace's cover page designs:

You might be able to get away with arranging all the information you need on a single page since you want something super simple. This would also allow you to link to facebook, google+, twitter, etc, which you should create for your business.

I agree I can do that. Never used twitter before. I do want more than one page maybe 2 or 3 but I could start with 1. I would like 1 for contact info which I guess should be on the cover page. Another 1 for services. Then 1 for when I get work I'll take pictures of home theatres I set up and pc builds and stuff like that.

I haven't looked at the cover pages but when I looked at the templates they were all themed to stuff that has nothing to do with computers or electronic technology. That's why I was hoping I could get someone to help me buil/design a modern clean looking page whether it be on squarespace or someone's performed hosting/building service I'm really open to anything.

I also still need some kind of logo so I can print up flyers and business cards and make a Craigslist add. Any more ideas for advertising to get some jobs?