I need help building a gaming pc

can somebody build me a pc for high quality gaming for 600 dollars i dont need a case or disk drive


i just need the parts list

This keeps you under $600 after shipping and tax.



This puts you a little over budget($605) but after every discount and rebates, its under($575) and you will max out any game at 1080p:


If you want more GPU horsepower and/or want to be absolutely sure you can play any game at max at 1080p, consider this:

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/mj2X  Base Price:$635 After discounts and rebates:$580

If you want even MORE GPU horsepower, how about this:

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/mj6P Base Price:$620 After:$595


Well, if I was in your situation, I'd go with any of them. Maybe you could mix and match them to lower the price or up the performance. I listed them this way; topmost being the one with the most CPU power and worst GPU, middle has less CPU power than first but has a better GPU, and the last has the worst CPU but the best GPU. If I was MAINLY using this for gaming, I'd go with the last one. If I am usually doing gaming but do other stuff too, I'd go with the middle one. If I wanted to do CPU intensive tasks(i.e. editing) and also game on this machine, I'd go with the first one. Whichever one you pick though, I'm still pretty certain you can maxout any game at 1080p.



Few notes about those builds:

First build - Your not gonna want to be Overclocking on that mobo, you'd want to sink more money into that mobo to justify the price of the i5.

Second Build - Other than the price, been several reports that the BIOS/board is mighty buggy.

Third Build - A Phenom II quad will almost definately bottleneck this GPU in all modern games, I'm all for spending a lot on GPUs but this is tipping the scale.

All - OCZ build quality isn't all that great, while that might not be a huge issue, I've found their service is terrible, nearly non-existant.

If you were to choose one of those builds, I'd say the second one is your best bet, but its a tad expensive.

 EDIT: Just noticed non of those builds have an aftermarket cooler, so you'll have severly limited ability to overclock the CPU (which for those chips is a bad thing, they are all excellent Overclockers), probably want to drop another $30 on coolers for those builds as well. 

That's what I was forgetting! Thanks for the memory jog. I forgot about bottlenecks. And I don't think OCZ really isn't that bad, but it's just as you said, a lot of people are reporting that they lack customer support. The motherboard on that 1st one; hmm, I wasn't sure about that either, just trying to keep the price low. Yeah, drop more money on there, probably just a $20 difference to get a quality board anyway. 2nd build; yeah, I was worrying too because it was MSI, but I was trying to keep the price low, and that was the cheapest 990 chipset motherboard. Do 970 chipsets support Piledriver? I haven't heard anything yet.