I need help because I don't know what parts for my next computer choose

Hi, I'm 15 and my mother finally allowed me to buy a new PC. I'm trying to get all things right this time. She said that I'm allowed to spend 500$, so I'm trying to find the best parts under that price range. But I just can't. That's why I need help from you guys. I plan to use this PC for general use, coding (I'm thinking about learning HTML so I can start doing something good in my life) and light gaming (I just want to be able to run Euro Truck Simulator 2 and Europa Universalis 4, those are the only games that I'm interested in and probably America Truck Simulator when it comes out). Any help is appreciated. 


here is a good place to start. pick some parts on http://pcpartpicker.com/ and then post it for opinions. We will all help you from that point.

What's the time frame on this?

ROFL, I think he may be finished :slight_smile:


Probably. xD the topic was recommended to me so I clicked and didn't bother to look at the date. xD

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