I need help ASAP

Hello from South Africa, I would first like to thank the whole Tek Syndicate team for the great work you guys do! I have just watched your $3500 (for me a R35000) work station build. I need help with building a pc for $2100 (for me R21000) for photo editing.  I'm a 15 year old guy that does a lot of photography and light gaming. I work with PSD's that 3GB +. I also use Adobe After Effects and Premiere. 

N.B- please make sure the MOTHERBOARD and GPU is made by ASUS


Check this build out. it is a little more than 2100$ but it's a great build


 sorry that link may not work check this one

Thank you, much appreciated! 


I could probably do better, but here is what I got so far.


Basically, just use pcpartpicker for your region and prioritize the monitor (make sure you get IPS) personally for me a good budget 1440p monitor that's great for photo editing is the Korean xstar panels on eBay. You can over clock the dual-link dvi version up to 120Hz. For the tower I would put all your money in to a DDR4 motherboard for future upgrades, get at least two sticks of 8gb ddr4 modules, and IMO look in to an amd GPU if you're using Linux. Obviously storage is a must, invest mostly in the SSD for fast picture transfers coupled with USB-C motherboard. And probably a 2-4tb mechanical drive for long-term storage. And if you want a quiet PC look in to things like the fractal define r5

That is the most epic necro I've ever seen!!

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