I Need Decision Making Help

Alright i need TechSyndicate's opinion on this please read.  So i just graduated and my main gift is $1,000 towards a laptop for college.  I don't want some shitty laptop that I hate using i want something with speed and power.  Thing is I recently wrecked my car so I won't have much money to put with this 1k.  So i had an idea to sell my desktop and buy a nicer laptop.

My desktop is currently running:

  •  AMD Phenom II 940 x4
  • XFX 6850 1gb
  • Biostar TA790GX mobo
  •  4gb of DDr3 memory
  • 1tb Western Digital Hdd
  • 700w Coolermaster PSU

I was gonna sell all this for about $600 and buy:
  http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834230141 ?

I would also buy a warranty for it in case it was damaged while @ school probably 2 year.


Than i would go about selling my 2 monitors, i would take tht cash and a little extra and buy a LED monitor with HDMI like this one:



Since I'm not going away for school I would than mirror the laptop off tht monitor when at home and have a great mobile laptop when i'm at school and LAN's. I would also buy more home things over the years like a fan station to keep it cool, and a external HDD.

But those would be minor additions i could do at anytime. and yes i would evetually rebuild a gaming desktop, but it wouldnt be for a while just so i can adjust to payments of school and such and see how much i have leftover at the end of the year and how much i need to make tht summer for the next year.....


Things I'm worried about:

  • Over heating
  • Battery failing
  •  feeling Desktop>Laptop so much i cry

Opinions please

Well, I can tell you right now that the battery life on that laptop probably isn't going to be amazing.

I can live with it always being plugged in if you guys think its a worthy upgrade.  Also worried about heating problems

I an i5 with a dedicated card, laptop with 2 slots for HDDs, buy a SSD, best decision of your life

I'll get on looking one up for you

I have the Asus 74sx no heat problems at all. g53sx is also a great buy if your down to have $1300 in a laptop.








reveiw states it gets consitantly 4 hour battery life with heavy wifi/browsing, also the SSD will help a bit with battery life, as well as making everything awesome

if it has 2 HDD slots then your golden, if not put the 500GB HDD in a inclosure and you're set

the 630 has 96 cuda cores, the 6850 has 960 stream processors, divid them by 5 to get a comparable number between nvidia and ati and its 192, which is about 2 times less powerful

eh not a real big fan of tht MSI one, not diggin the glossy lcd, and some specs.  I am not lookin for a lot of memory space either i don't have THAT much porn lol.  I'm really likin the ASUS's i keep finding great reviews on them.

Anyone know if i can mirror the image from the laptop up to 1900x1080 on a monitor smoothly? 

you mean like desktop/browser/movies? yeah most laptops these days have HDMI output but you won't be doing any kind of  gaming at that res with any laptop at least not with any texture filtering, antiailising or other eye candy, I'll warn you, drivers are a bitch with asus, you will most definetly want to clone the drive if you do put a ssd in, also the ones I've dealt with all had a dead battery and were fucking hot as hell, the fan was on max and it heated up my whole house from the living room 10F