I need another Crysis!

I haven't seen a game really stress new GPUs since Crysis was released. I think that Crysis is finally showing it's age and I was wondering if anyone has heard of a game in the near future that would stress hardware the way Crysis did. I don't mean like poorly optimised stressing hardware, I mean a really great looking game that puts new GPUs to the test. Anyone heard of anything?

Crysis 2


Dirt 2

Well, it isnt an FPS but Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War has some awesome graphics and physics. Check out its physics trailer.

Cryengine 3...

That looks awesome i kinda want that now

That looks really nice, and I really want everyone to stop saying Crysis 2. I would be shocked if it looked any better than the current Crysis. I mean it's out on consoles now, it can only get so good, not to mention the videos released for CE3 were dissapointing. I saw no improvment over the first, nothing for me to get excited about.

quote of thread topic

"I need another Crysis"

did you expect them NOT to say Crysis 2?

I was hoping they would read the actual post I made before posting themselves, which even then Crysis 2 can be listed. However since I just now specified that I did not want to hear Crysis 2, I would hope it is not suggested again. I was sort of expecting people to see where I was coming from and suggest a game that is not dumbed down for console.

The funny thing is...Crysis IS poorly optimized stressing software. With guns.

Well, I don't know if I would call it poorly optimized. I mean it's not perfect, but nothing really is.

Is that a Joke?

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Hey man, we are on the same level, and I have 4 posts, now 5! And there is no joking on the internet.

Get some avatars kids, it happens to be in the rules. Also try not to contribute to trolling, and get your rears on topic!

you told them whos who

If you think you want Rise of Flight, its on sale for $30 at gogamer.com. That's where I got my copy. I wouldn't suggest it though if you don't like flight sims.


Yes CRYSIS was a very poorly optimized bit of Code and may do you wont another crappy game with ultra real that melts your PC. GRAPHICS DO NOT SUBSTITUTE FOR GAME-PLAY!

I want a game that has both amazing graphics and great gameplay. I felt as though crysis was very close to that.