I need an appraisal on a computer

I need an appraisal on a rig im selling. Heres a parts list:

Asus M5A99FX Pro R.2 990fx motherboard

Amd FX-8120 cpu

Corsair Vengeance 16GB 1600

Sapphire Radeon 7950

OCZ Fatal1ty 750w power supply ( sleeved with blue mod/smart kobra sleeving and the leds on the fan are snipped. Its been opened...)

Nzxt Phantom full tower case. ( modded for reverse atx, trim painted blue, hard drivecages gone, and a window cut )

A little rowswill PCI wifi card. Why not

Coller master Hyper 212 EVO

OCZ Vertex Plus R.2 120gb SSD

Some random lg blue ray burner

Some paracord sleeved cable extentions

Windows 8


Thanks guys, I am selling this thing so I can upgrade to haswell. Please let me know how much its worth

Personally - in what you will lose on upgrading you will get WAY more bang for your buck throwing a fx8350 in that setup and sticking with AMD

Haswell is NOT worth the upgrade unless you really really really wnt some power saving and even then its debatable - if you havent done it yet watch Logans review on Haswell.

Other than that it depends where you are trying to sell that setup - in Australia that would be worth $800 if you got really lucky (amd I mean REALLY lucky).  Its not that the isn't great hardware there, but people looking for a system like that are probably just going to build their own

My 2cents

Depends on who you are selling it to. Someone who can't make their own computer would be willing to pay more than someone who can build it themself. The parts themselves add up to somewhere around $1,200. Someone not willing to put them together themself might pay ~$1,500 and someone who is looking to pick up a second hand system on the cheap might pay ~$1,000.


EDIT: Those are just spit-balled figures that I threw out. Here are the parts. But remember, those are new parts. It really depends on who you are selling this too (and where you are - some things cost more in some countries than in others). http://pcpartpicker.com/p/139dn

I wouldnt upgrade to haswell from this.

Like stated above... get the 8350, overclock it, and upgrade the graphics to a gtx 770.

That would be an upgrade.

Now.. if you are using this for non-gaming purposes.. then maybe its worth changing.. Maybe you are using it for redering, video editting or some design purpose.. It might be worth upgrading.

I would put the resale value at ~$700 because most people won't buy used parts. try the reselling forum here or other enthusiast sites.

yeah i dont see the clue why you should upgrade, only thing i should indeed upgrade is the cpu to a FX8350, Further everything is fine on that thing ☺ if you want more video power you can indeed trow in a GTX770 or a 7970. or if you willing to spend 600+ on a gpu then a GTX780.

Hasswell is probably not worth it, i guess in gaming the diffrences aren´t that big, oc to hasswell is terrible, it runn extreme hot, and the intergrated vrm, throttle´s the cpu, to keep it stable..  looks like all missery to me..

Guys Iwant more folding power. Thats it. I dont have the money to spend on new stuff for this rig so I have to sell it to get new stuff for it. I am going to put this stuff into the wooden case I am currently building. I also want to kinda move away from AMD. I like intel better for some reason. that might be because I have an 8120, idk but the thing REALLY is bad at overclocking. 4.3 on water is no bueno. anyway, I was just looking for the apraisal. Thanks to the guy who actually did that.

How much would you be willing to sell the mobo for? I'll take the cpu too for the right price. Or how much for the cpu, gpu, and mobo? You can carry over the rest of the stuff to haswell.


I kind of need to sell it as a whole actually. I am already building a new case and I have to buy a new power supply for different sleeving because of a color scheme change. I dont think I will be able to sell the case and the power supply because they have both been modded. Thanks though

For folding... you really just need a cuda GPU... [email protected] has excellent cuda performance. But if you want intel, then there wont be any problem with that.

yeaTim switching to a 770

8120 is lower-end last gen. the 8350 will go to 5 ghz on water...

the 8120 and 8320's are not as good at overclocking as the 8150 or 8350.

also, folding power, if it's anything like bitcoin, u want amd. opencl with AMD kicks nvidia's ass, hard

borsch would you still be interested? I will sell you the gpu cpu and mobo. pm me if you are... 

AMD 7970 has more tflops, far more. the raw power outstrips all nvidia cards, short of the 690 or titan

I did a check and it looks like you are right. But for standard folding, the gtx 770 is the same as the 7970 GE. I think a overclocked gtx 770 will beat it though..

The part you were REALLY right about is the double precision folding. The 7970 and the 7970 GE is crazy faster.

Here is a link.


the 7970GE will oc better. nvidia locks voltage.... also, driver awesomesauce for amd

reccomend this one: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127732

I'd price it at 70% of what you paid for everything.  so like $1,100 i guess?  

well.. not all nvidia cards are voltage locked, and amd is actually well known for crappy drivers.. since the dawn of time.. there have been times when their drivers have been good, but they are notorious for innefficient drivers. Only AMD's most recent drivers take full advantage of their cards. Until a couple months ago, the gtx660 ti was beating the 7950 even though the 7950 had faster and more ram.

Check out the linus tech tips videos that use the beta drivers for both AMD and Nvidia (the fastest but not fully tested for both)

The GTX 770 overclocked beats the 7970 ge overclocked at most benchmarks. AMD has the cake when it comes to openCL though.


Yeah sounds good thanks