I need a

Mouse, Keyboard, Mousepad and headset

recommendations that are [b]COST EFFICIENT[/b]


eXact mat, Lycosa, Lachesis, Megalodon.

cyber snipa stinger/g5/deathadder/mx518

cyber snipa tracer

saitek eclipse 2/cyber snipa warboard

and i can think of a cheap headset

^what blood said, except i like the g11/15 or lycosa keyboards

headsets are boo. i'd just get something cheap.. from logitech? 5.1 speakers or better are where the party's at.

razer for all

sorry, let me edit that first post.

There we go.

I agree razer is rape and i will most likely be buying a deathadder or a Habu


I want a nice keyboard and headset too though :/

mouse: g5. it has that polysmoothassmotherfuckingmovementethelyne pads on the bottom for smooth gliding, and the software for changing the dpi is a plus.

also its weight adjustable.

Wired PS2 Optical Mouse from a school's computer lab, a PS2 Keyboard from a 1994 Dell computer, and a headset from one of those telemarketing companies. That's pretty cost efficient. If not, Try the Razer Death Adder or the Razer Copperhead, both of which have a customizable DPI of 1800+, and are under $60. For a Keyboard, the Logitech G15 has been pretty nice, the Tarantula as well, but these are all preference. The keyboards should be...relatively pricey, but certain retail stores (Ie. Circuit City) has weekly deals where some are up to $30 off. But, honestly....I'm probably gonna receive some flame for this. Hell, I'm using a Logitech LX710 Keyboard/Mouse combo that was $70 and I have been owning many many people in games who spend like $3000 on a high end computer and peripherals. It really doesn't matter what mouse/keyboard you get if you suck as a gamer....... At least my mouse has up to 1100 DPI. For the headset, I just got a Logitech....crap, I forgot the model, but it sounds relatively clear, Mic is good, and it has little changeable headset colors. It was $28 bucks at Best Buy, and they sent me a $20 coupon...so, yeah, $8 headset. Lol. But I recommend the Cyber Snipa Sonar or Xonar, which has a 5.1 channel audio output through the headphones, and the mic is pretty good as well. Also, it's red, which looks cool, and has comfortable padding.

Good luck reading that long-ass eyesore =].

lol thanks for your replies, Everyone suggests logitech mice, I dont really like ANY of their mice becaise, well, They're fucking fat.

Im a 105 pound asian, That mouse is too big for me lol

Snap. Skinny Asian boy. Wait...how old ARE you!? Im freaking 16 and I'm 125 pounds, which is still light, but damn. o_o Anorexic males on RtW?

You faggot. Didn't I tell you what to get?

razer support is poop

at compusa they are selling the razer diamond back 3g or w.e. g it is for 20 bucks its bs because i bought mine for 40 bucks

dude i'm Anorexic i'm under weight what you going to do bout it i'm like 6 foot 1 or 2 and only 110 i'm like 15 pounds under weight you going to make me eat hohos or something BITCH

All I can say is the g11 for a keyboard, everything else kinda cost alot

if you can't pick up a little mx518, you should just end yourself.

Lol im 17 :3

Not anorexic I just have RAPE for a metabolism lol

I live off of taco bell and cigarettes :3

Taco bell is fuckin cheap lol

either way

fuck logitech mice lol

I might go with a G11 or G15 but I just LOVE how razer keyboards look

They're just fucking expensive :/

Definitely getting a razer mouse though :3

taco bell s good though