I need a very cheap non-gaming system

I am going to build a PC for my sister. She will not do any gaming but she will do some VERY HEAVY CHROME USAGE (a tone of tabs open at the same time), she will be using Microsoft word and other school stuff.

It will be nice if i can get an SSD in there and have a micro atx case to work with.

Plus: i need it to be as cheap as possible whith out skimping on the power supply and then let the PC catch on fire.

Price? Need everything or you have parts laying around? Need any accessories? An operating system?

Assuming you have nothing to start with, going around a $371 price point.

Xigmatek case: $34


AMD A10 APU: $120


Western Digital HDD: $60


Biostar MOBO: $45


Gskill 2x 2Gb(4Gb total) 1866 RAM: $47


Cooler Master 500W PSU: $45


Keyboard and mouse generic $20 at bestbuy or walmart

The monitor I didn't include in the price since that could be remedied by an existing tv with vga input.

This combination is the most reasonably cheap but efficient pc build I can think of 

Terrible power supply.  They run so hot, and are made of very low quality components.


 Micro ATX build.

A10 6800K + 8GB 2400mhz RAM will be very powerful.(2400mhz RAM isn't that expensive as well), 128GB SSD, XFX PRO550W PSU which is 80+B rated.

Buy her a cheap chrome book if thats all its going to be used for.....


This is what I would go with:


Use the SSD as a cache for the hard drive, and install a side intake fan and a rear exhaust fan.

Calling BS. Have you ever used one? I have one in my rig right now, it's fine.


Cooler Master is a reputable company.

thx, i might only just change the case to something smaller tho 

^agreed I am using a 1000Watt PSU from then and it runs cool and quiet!

chromebook all the way....

Thay dont make there psu's and yes there psu's are made out of spit and tissue paper and are of appalling quality.

Here have a read of what thay fob off as "Gamer Xtreme" psu's http://www.hardocp.com/article/2010/11/22/cooler_master_gx_650w_power_supply_review/1#.UpKSjMSGouk

I picked up the 550W version CM's eXtreme Power Plus.  It exhausted heat like no other PSU I've seen.

Efficiency > 70%

Terrible rating.  It also has two weak +12V rails.  

Here's something to read:


I picked up an XFX PRO550W PSU, which has a strong +12V rail, and is based of a much, much better Seasonic design with higher components.  It's recommended by JonnyGury as well.