I need a site for FREE english dubbed anime

i need a site for FREE English dubbed anime

i have been trying to watch some shows especially deathnote

and all its still Japanese

so any sights were they dub it for ya

sighh, ppl with their anime theses days. lol

try alluc.org

it has like everything

sorry man i'm not like obsessed like some people

and just checking no adult anime on here i dont want tht stuff

no its likes tv shows, current movies n stuff. no content i dont think

a huge midget is a good boy

do u not like porn there buddy

dubbed? HA! i dun even need subtitles, anyways, uhhh, go to like....mininova and search it up and try to find a dvd rip of the series you want, then if it's the right one, you'll be able to choose audio channels for ur language

seems to be what you want