I need a quality expansion slot fan replacement, w

My computers nothing special but she runs a good 8 hours a day. I have a thermaltake slot fan http://thermaltakeusa.com/Product.aspx?S=1145&ID=1746 but ive gone through 2 in the past 6 mo. The bearings just dont last.

I don't care about look just functionality (quality, cfm , price)

thanks guys.

Err, why not just get some normal fans

I have a referb gateway i got for a steal and the air flow on the bottom of the case isnt that great [img]http://www.confidentreviews.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/gateway-gt5670-232x300.jpg[/img][img]http://www.desktopreview.com/assets/207.jpg[/img]

That little fan did the trick. if you have any other suggestions though I am all ears.

What videocard do you have?

GeForce 210 512MB PCIe

Get a GTX 480, and I'm sure the airflow will improve ;)

Ha! she got a upgrade from factory to run starcraft II :) my next will be a ground up hardware beast. but till then all i need is a fan :)

I have this cooling fan, it runs very well, I've been using it for 4 years now in different builds and it serves me well. Right now it runs in my Server.


awesome i had avoided that one because it had a low hour rateing....of coarse the ones i got didnt come close to their design spec. thanks.

awesome i had avoided that one because it had a low hour rateing....of coarse the ones i got didnt come close to their design spec. thanks.

Get 3 of 'em, and you are cool!

Ah, cool... get it? Lol

haha ruffe

and i might get that fan looks good i need some better airflow prolly a new case but don't feel like it

Quick question, How do you feel about that GPU, Panty? I'm getting it for my parents christmas build and I was wondering how well it performed in things like source games and such? My mom likes to play the occasional Left for Dead here and there so I was just wondering...

You should rather get a GT220 or GT240. Specwise, GT210 can be compared to my old 8500GT OC, and it ran Source like ****.

yeah the on board GPU didn't handle games well. Although it is listed as a spec minimum for StarCraftII it was impossible play. Plan on a graphics card if your sticking to that board.

Rabu, if the most it needs to run is source games a 9400GT should do it. Panty, whats getting hot?

@wooly, nothing was running hot just warm. my case just doesent circulate well at the bottom. she also catches streams unattended for 4 hours a night so its insurance should i loose another fan.

oh well expansion slot fan might be best then. Its hard to tell from the pics but it looks like u might not have a front intake either

well it does but its really small and there is no room for a fan. Its not a bad case design just not really that great either. I had planned on building my own with a [img]http://www.kenyada.com/lianlicvr.jpg[/img] but 2 year ago CompUsa had Referb GT5670 for a super discount. :) my next machine won't need no stinkin slot fan :)

Just plug some extra fans in and point them at your expansion slots.