I need a PC build!

I want to spend $500 dollars on my PC. I currently live in Australia. the 2 main games i usually play are LoL and CS:GO. The reason why i want a new pc is because of the framerate i have right now (it's horrible!) I also want to play other games at a good resolution like let's say, Sleeping dogs and Red faction. I won't really need that much for storage but it's nice to have 1TB. And also maybe a sound card? (I use Razer Kraken Pro)


Upgrade the APU (CPU) latter when Kaveri comes out and you can get cheaper RAM if you want.

idk how the prices over there are, but i've put together a reference to go off of. i tried putting most of the cost into the GPU, and i might have gone a little high, but it'll make sure you're good to go for a while. and i made sure you had an ample amount of power to run off of even if you got upgrades in the future. 


as for a sound card, if you're wanting to take full advantage of that kraken, then you're gonna need to get one with a Headphone Amplifier, and they're a bit pricey. the one i'm using was $120.

Hope this helps out a bit.


Remember that I am in Australia so the power supply and another part isn't available here

Bit over, but AU has such a sad selection of parts :(.


APU build, with future upgradeabilty to Kaveri.

You could also put in a GPU later if you wanted.

Curious what is Kaveri? Are there any alternatives for the case (maybe cheaper or slightly more for better performance)?