I need a new router. Will not build one at this time

Ok I have been an avid Netgear fanboy for the past 8 years. I have had two Netgear products.

My first router was a Netgear WGT624v3 it worked like a champ and did the job even though it was not a gigabit router. It stopped working in 2011 and I used it from 2007 to 2011. It kept rebooting and it was "fried"

Now I use the Netgear N750. Netgear claims this piece of crap is a good router but this stupid thing get freaking hot. The wireless covrage is crap within my home, and I cannot use many items with it. It is just terrible.

So what Netgear routers do you guys recommend.

Keep in mind I do not need anything within the Nighthawk brand name.

What's you budget?

$110 and under. I need something better than the N750 which is what I use.

ASUS RT-N66U. Decent stock firmware but can be flashed to 3rd party firmwares if you want.

Now let me ask. Does range extenders actually work? The ones you can plug into wall outlets.

They work but at the cost of bandwidth.

I'm using a Netgear D6200 as a modem router and is working really good so far (24/7 no matter what) so I can reccomend you the R6200 that it's just the router part of the D6200. I don't know if it's too outdated but even if it is I reccomend it anyway.

I have the same router and i love it.
I get great coverage even in the back yard, and its just great.
Not sure why you dont like it.
I think you got a defective one.

I have it in the middle of my house with nothing obstructing the unit. It is on a media cabinet in my bed room. My home office is in the other room. My Samsung home theater is hard wired. PC is hard wired. Xbox One is hard wired. My phone, and tablet suffer from crap wifi coverage. The 5ghz band is by far the worse in coverage. I hosted a cookout a few weekends ago and I had to use my 4G for Spotify.

Really? 5ghz works great for me. My iPod 5g can get wifi from the back yard and the router is in the front of the house, about 50 ft apart with 2 walls in between.