I need a new PC?


My main PC is around 5 yrs old. It's a Dell Vostros 200 Slim Tower. There's a E4500 in there, 2GB RAM, and a low profile Radeon 4500. For the most part it works, but it is pretty old and I don't want to put up with the things that are nagging me any more. Most annoying problem is the noise of the fans. I'd like a quieter computer, silent if possible. The system is mainly used for web browsing, watching movies, spreadsheets, maybe some coding. Lite to no gaming. When watching 1080p movies sometimes frames will skip and the fans spin up getting louder than the movie. I also tried running a virtual machine and it was sluggish. Not a good idea with only 2GB of RAM I guess.

What I'd like to get from a new PC (if I need one) is to be able to run one or two virtual machines without sluggishness. I'd like to be able to watch 1080p movies on the virtual machine without skipped frames or freezing. With the haswell chips coming out I became motivated to try to build a PC. I was looking at fanless builds, but reseach seems to show it's not really worth it.

Maybe I should just slap some more RAM into this old PC and look for bigger fans? But there really isn't any room left in this slim tower.

For the new build I was thinking a i5-4670k+asrock H87(M?)+16 to 32GB RAM. Past that I'm not sure. Suggestions?

That cpu seems way to overkill for what you said you would be using the pc for. I would build a small for factor pc.

if you run a professional version of VM ware or oracle virtualbox, and that has  multi core support, then you can also go with an AMD system. AMD FX8350 8core cpu.

You can trow multiple VM´s and next to that you can also do things you like. i had windows 7 ultimate 64 as my os, i runned windows 8 x64 pro+ media center in a vm, and also linux  suse. at same time. but  16GB ram is highly recommended. also a good gpu

so what is your budget?

p.s your old system could indeed use more ram, also do you have your gpu drivers installed in the VM? and ofc does your vm software support multiple cores?

grtz Angel ☺

You might want to get the new haswells with iris pro graphics. You don't need that much ram, 8gb should do you just fine.

Would it still be overkill if I don't get a graphics card?

I'd like to see what I can do with $500, and what I could with $1000.

8 cores sound nice, but just power hungry is that thing? I want a quiet system over anything else.

On the only system I am also running win7 ultimate 64. I used virtualbox to run ubuntu. I assume ubuntu found the gpu drivers, but maybe not.

Is iris pro graphics coupled with i5s?

if you run more then 1 VM at the same time you do need more then 8 GB ram deffanetly!