I need a new mouse

So after 3 years my RAT7 mouse back page button broke....so sad. I loved that mouse it was super sweet. When I was in high school that was the mouse I looked at and said wow that cool, when I get my own computer thats the mouse im gonna use. I bought that mouse 3 years ago, and if i wasn't such a push to talk user that back page button would still work.  So now after owning several different mouse's over the years and even owning my dream mouse.  I think its time to fined a replacement. I mean I took that mouse apart trying to fix it and I did...its just a thing that jlue won't fix. So here I am (rock you like a hurricane ) asking for help and guidance. Here is my criteria.  #1I need a pinky rest! I must have used that rat7 for about a year with out it till one day I said well its here let me see what its like. I will never go back. If you can't relate just remember the first time your fingers touched cherry mx red switches. Its that kinda sexy to me. Next up #2 Buttons!. I am illustrations major/now computer animation major so needles to say I draw alot. I have way more dexterity in my right hand then my left so the more I can programable buttons on my mouse the better.  last but not least #3 I like weight!.  Its not a must but its something that I have come to love the weight of a mouse I need something that feels substantial. Somthing that when im ether tying to find that sweet spot on a edit or that nice head shot I have that weight to help feel it out.


So if you didnt want read threw all my bad spelling and still wans to help here. Here are man major wants . 

1.pinky rest

2.programmable buttons

3.not a must but I do enjoy weight


So besides buying another rat 7 here are some mouse's that I'm looking at


armaggeddon g11

razer ouroboros

Mad catz mmo te

Any input is helpful input. And I'll appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks for your time and help. 


You approach mouse weight from a wrong angle. You shouldn't use high sensitivity and try to make it easier to control by weight, you are more accurate when you use low sensitivity and move your mouse more, and having a lighter mouse helps in that case.

Being proficient at low sensitivity is strictly better than being proficient at high sensitivity, that's reality of human anatomy. You should try to lower sensitivity you use little by little. 

Anyway, I digress.

How about CM Storm Spawn or Xornet? Also, Mionix Naos 3200/7000

A lot of mice are like a lot of keyboards, in that they do not offer the option to locally configure stuff, but need some crappy Windows software application to configure. That does two things: 1. if you're a Windows software console user, you're pretty much at the mercy of Microsoft and the mouse/keyboard manufacturer to make sure that compatibility will still be insured in the biannual update, and 2. if you're a linux user, you have to hack the thing to set the configuration.

The best mice in terms of being locally configurable or easily hackable, are Zowie and Logitech. Zowie mice are really good, and they can be configured without any external software whatsoever. Logitech mice are so popular that there are plenty of community tools, both on Windows and linux, available to configure the hell out of them.

Another option is to go for a 100% class compliant mouse. These are sometimes pretty good. I accidentally got a cheap optical Made in China mouse (cost like 8 EUR) that I bought in some store when I was travelling and forgot my Logitech mouse. These mice also work on everything, because they follow all the industry standards without proprietary additions. The only thing that can be bothersome about these, is not the quality as such, because nowadays, the quality is as good or sometimes even better than expensive branded mice (like the Steelseries Rival for instance, which is really crappy in terms of quality, with a serious design flaw of the cheap plastic actuating planes of the buttons touching, which is pretty much a disaster), but it's the lack of weight. I opened up the cheap mouse, and put a tungsten fishing weight in it with some hot glue, which worked out really well.

Have you tried out the Logitech G502? I played with it at PaxEast this past year. It was pretty good. I'm actually thinking of replacing my G602 with it. 

I can highly recommend the Mionix Naos 7000. By far the best mouse I've ever owned. Watch Logan's review of it. 

lol you should play with me sometime =) all show you how full of it you are, ill look at the mouses.

that G502 looks super cool and has a good number of buttons and im willing to over look that is doesn't have a pinky resty.

Naos 7000 looks supper sexy but its button count is a bit low also a bit to simple.

they all look like a claw rips and or on the small side. thanks for the suggestions. 

buy one that has the grip and features you like

I'm fairly sure most people can beat me at any FPS, as I don't play them that much, but in terms of handling mouse I'm better than most because I play osu. That game really makes you handle your mouse properly, otherwise you hit a wall.

I tell you to lower your sensitivity as someone who went from 1600 DPI to 400 DPI, greatly increasing my control in the process.

Naos 7000 is pretty much as big as they get. It's similar to G400 in size.

depending on the game i pay 2500DPI to 3500DPI depending on the game....did i mention i draw for a living and have really good dexterity 

It really doesn't matter how good your dexterity is, the lower sensitivity you use, the more accurate you are. There's no reason whatsoever to use more than 1000 DPI, optimal sensitivity for most people is between 400 and 800 DPI. As in, somewhere in that range you reach maximum accuracy without sacrificing speed or reach.



Another one.

LO wow what the hell is that Logan? look at him he never ages  

I am in a similar boat atm. My old RAT5 (Approaching 5 years) has now lost the scroll button click and now is being temperamental with the cable (causing short disconnects).

Quite tempted with getting another RAT tbh as its nicely adjustable.

yeah its the best, I might go for another rat 7 as well, only this time the mmo. Also on a side note I was finaly able to able to open up my mouse and glue that back page button back together, just to hold me off till Christmas.

Yo throw back Thursday