I need a new motherboard

So, a month ago, I asked the forum to help me solve the issue of my computer no longer booting up properly. I took it to a technician to check what else could be the issue, but it was just as I suspected, the motherboard was no longer working. I have to change the motherboard, but I'm not sure whether I should buy another ASUS Z97 PRO brand new, or maybe even purchasing a refurbished one, or do you guys reccomend purchasing a different brand of motherboard.
Also from what the technician told me, the motherboard didn't burn out because of me changing the thermal paste, but from the motherboard itself. I would try to get ASUS to replace my motherboard, but from the technicians experience he said it was a long hassle in order to get it replaced.
My Specs:
Case: NZXT s340
CPU: i7 4790k
RAM: Corsair vengence 2x8gb

You might as well send it in while you wait

Otherwise, just ya pick up whatever cheap Z97 board has decent reviews

If you've still got warranty on it just RMA it. It's no hassle at all, just the time factor - 4-6 weeks.
Fella just a wants to sell you a new board by the sounds of it.

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I can't send it in, because the warranty only fixes thing, such as BIOS. I cant get it replaced due to being that I bought in the summer and its already past the point of a return :l

I'd get one of these as a replacement:


You may be out of warranty, but occasionally Asus is loose and will let you swap out parts either way... They have amazing support. I'd give it at least a shot.

I'm trying to get into making my own game, so I have the unreal engine and unity, I don't know if motherboards have anything to do with it, but I want to be able the get best I can get for my buck.

The board is important in the way that it is the foundation for your system. It dictates your systems longevity..lf you cheap out on a board, and you end up screwing yourself. I think the board linked would be amazing and serve you well. I wouldn't spend much more otherwise you might as well sell your 4790k and jump on X99. The board doesn't really dictate the performance of your parts. You should be able to get a high overclock out of that too.

It won't affect that at all, mostly you just want like a 4k display for working on code and all that

Just RMA the board.

Does everyone agree with this board, or do you guys recommend other boards? I thought their would be many people putting their thoughts on what I should do.

There are allot of good Z97 boards ofc, it just comes down on budget etc.

Asus Maximus VII Hero.
Asus Sabertooth Mark 1
Asrock Z97 OC Formula
Msi Z97 Gaming 7
Msi Z97 Gaming 6

just to name a few

but I'm currently just looking for a motherboard that is near the price of my old one, that I just want to get the best motherboard I can get for the money I can afford to spend.

Try the

It's $162 new. Rare known defects for this board is 2 of the 4 ram slots don't work, or doa on arrival. So you'll know immediately if it's broken or not. Unlike some boards where they die slowly, leaving you guessing. It has a high star rating on amazon and newegg. Be wary that there are different versions of most motherboards like Rev 1, 1.2. I do not ever recommend getting a mobo refurb, used. It's very risky, and might not have a warranty.

Idk why people dont recommend gigabyte more i have used an asus gigabyte and asrock as far as z97 boards go and i liked the gigabyte so much i have used 2 more in builds for friends. The gaming 5 one. I think as far as features they are all pretty good i just liked the bios more on gigabyte. Plus that eye ball graphic on the board peeks through my graphics cards and looks awesome.

I decided to go with the MSI motherboard, but I have a question, when I install the drivers do I uninstall the ASUS drivers first or do I install the MSI drivers and the uninstall the ASUS drivers?

so, when I put my new motherboard, would I need to put another install of windows? Also do I need to delete the drivers of the old motherboard before I install the new or do I uninstall the old drivers after I install the new drivers?

That's strange that your z97 pro died, they are usually pretty reliable. You may aswell try to RMA it anyway just to get your moneys back because they are fairly expensive.

I don't know, the technician I talked to told me about this happening to him before, and that it was really annoying just to get them to replace it, I don't really want to bother annoying hassle. I'm just trying to buy a motherboard so that I don't have an old slow computer anymore. I'm trying to buy one that is under 174$ just because that's all I have in the bank right now. I'm currently going to school and part time work, so yea also I read on the forums that windows 10 is gonna be shoved down our throats and that's something I don't want, so might have to switch to linux soon, but I don't know if all my programs/games will work with linux; I'm thinking of getting Ubuntu.

Well I'm not sure what to recommend if those didn't do the job for you then

so I have a question,when I put my new motherboard, would I need to put another install of windows? Also do I need to delete the drivers of the old motherboard before I install the new or do I uninstall the old drivers after I install the new drivers?