I need a new MMORPG

I used to play Lineage 2 and I loved it. I played WOW for a month but I didn't like it, I thought it was too complicated.  I don't like the modern age stuff very much. Do you have any suggestions? I would like it to be without a subscription but feel free to recommend anything.

Have you tied Rift? I've been playing it some, and it's pretty fun... Now you could also try my personal favorite, LotRO... That's f2p to level 30 (also an awesome deal to get 55 more levels worth of content for 39.99$ no monthly sub).

Otherwise... Modern (which you don't like), but simple, there is Neverwinter, that's just to easy for me (doesn't give a hard core feel to the game play).

I switched from WoW to Neverwinter and I don't regret it.

yes it is simple up till level 30 then it gets a little more hardcore, especially if you get into the PvP aspect of it.

EVERYTHING is voice acted which gives it an extra layer of depth IMHO. WoW wishes it had all the bells and whistles that Neverwinter has.

Oh did I forget to mention... Neverwinter is completely FREE to Play. there is a Cash shop but you don't buy gear like weapons and armor. in the shop is mostly cosmetic stuff and cool lookin mounts. So don't worry about people paying to win, that doesn't happen there.

I Hope this helps.



I've only played Neverwinter up to level 20, so that would explain my lack of knowledge. LotRO is oldddd, but still, it ages well...

there is also dungeon & dragons online

I would like it to have a strong pvp system. I used to play on Lineage 2 pvp servers and I miss that aspect.

The original Guild Wars series are great. I'd recommend Nightfall of the three. The community is still at a reasonable size for it being almost 10 years old and having a second iteration, GW2.

Check it out.

LotRO has a really fun PvP system, but it gets stale fast; so, I would stay away from it if you are a pvper..


Planetside 2 is a really fun game to get into. Free too play, MMO FPS, with crap tons of people to shoot. If you have the hardware to run it, it is definitely a fun game to check out.