I need a new gaming monitor for under $250

Hey guys, I've been looking for an upgrade for my monitor for a while now and I still haven't found what I'm searching for. I've been looking for a gaming monitor, with a low response time, a low input lag, and also decent colours (especially a clear black end). I have been searching for a while now and i just can't find enough reviews, can you guys please help me with this!!


I use two of these and a IPS panels for my setup and they are great monitors for the price, the colors aren't too bad and I'm comparing them sitting literally right next to a u2412m.

Got that monitor for my 360 ... pure win!!

Cheers man, i was really trying to find decent monitors!

Whhhhhhyyyyyyyyy? Please tell me you have a badass monitor for your PC or I'll cry.

I have a Syncmaster 940MG and I love that it has a 75Hz refresh rate. The difference between 60Hz and 75Hz is noticeable to me. If you are gaming, I would highly suggest a True 120Hz display, e.g. BenQ XL2410T/XL2420T

Images are much sharper/fluid in games (L4D)