I need a new carrier

I only pay $25 a month right now for Verizon but my connection is god awful in the mountains where I live. While it’s great down the hill it’s like I’m paying for nothing. Not to mention I’m sick of the damn tension of sharing a phone plan.

I always start with Clark Howard and his recomendations for cheap phone service,and everything cheap

Few years ago I went with Republic on his recomendation, only talk and text but it’s 13 and change per month



would probably not recommend tmobile because of this

well and also binge on is just fast lanes(but net neutrality approved by giving the lanes free and charging for all data other than the fast lanes at the same rate)

and before they started the whole no contract nonsense it was better anyways(ex get a phone with 400$ off if you signed 2 year contract, no increase in bill, no monthly payment) currently is just like you are on contract for your phone for 2 years at 24$ a month or whatever for 2 years ontop of your bill, unless you pay cash/buy an unlocked phone which has the bands they use

would probably recommend asking people that live around you what they use(to get an idea of coverage) since the maps are not informative at all basically, and then consider one of those ‘sub carriers’ not sure what to call them/if there is a term for it, but a bunch of ‘carriers’ dont have their own network and just contract with other carriers to get group discounts or whatever, like ting, walmart, boost mobile etc, but piggybacking on the network which works good in your area

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Doubt changing carrier will do much for your connection

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changing your carrier wont do much however I would need at least a zip code to figure it out? Im not trying to reveal person info or anything but its hard to recommend without location data

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The terminology is Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in the US. They don’t just do group discounts though, since your billing (and help/support) will be through them as well. I guess it’s kind of like you’re roaming, just with a special contract through a particular real MNO/carrier.

Well, I guess not necessarily though just one particular MNO; Google’s Fi does that clever thing where their devices can dynamically switch between MNOs.

Verizon does have a reputation for the best coverage in the US, so if their towers can’t reach your phone, the other national carriers (T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T) probably wouldn’t either.

Though maybe a regional MNO like US Cellular might have more towers in your area? Their marketing seems to be specifically target areas where the national carriers have poor coverage, but I really am guessing here; no firsthand knowledge, sorry.

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Google Fi does 3 carriers + WiFi calling (coverage), but it’s somewhat picky on what phone you use and probably won’t get you under $25.

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nah mean they buy bulk data/network access at a significantly reduced rate compared to if you bought it from the same carrier

depends on area, most of the coverage maps include roaming id assume, so thats basically all of them combined, not the actual direct access, but could just ask relatives/friends if they have people over ever/people that live closeby what carrier they use if they get service there

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Zip is 80421. Not revealing much there haha

Actually, I was highly considering Fi. Phone isn’t a problem as I exclusively buy Pixels for development purposes. Currently have a Pixel 2 XL and plan to jump on the 4 XL when it comes out this year as HTCs team that Google bought will be designing it.