I need a networked storage solution

Not sure where to put this.

I want a storage solution for my linux mobiles to connect to my main desktop at home while I am out. I'll be going down to floridia soon, maybe, and while I am there I will need access to my files. Now I could use something like FTP or set up a mirror for myself but I have been listening to the linux action show and heard some things about different solutions out there.

Over all I want something that will connect from anywhere on the net, can be encrypted, mounts in a folder and presents icons like dropbox, and on selecting a file it will download it, preferably via P2P, to the outer machine. I've thought of making my own solution in GIT but I'm sure that somewhere there is something like this that might work. Maybe even an SVN type of system?

Anyone got anything?


Find something in a dumpster?

In all seriousness though I'm not quite sure. Would something like OwnCloud suit your needs?

Maybe, though I don't want a separate server like a nas. I just want my machines to connect to each other. If I had money or drives for a NAS I might give that a shot but thats not really an option for me at the moment...

What exactly does OwnCloud do?

Basically DropBox but running on your hardware.

Perhaps BitTorrent Sync then?

I'll have a diddle at OwnCloud. I hear some good things about it every once in a while.

SeaFile is Windows based, free, and super easy to use + install. If that doesn't suit your needs, install Filezilla, and create a SFTP. If you wanna be even more secure, rent a VPN, or even create a virtual machine running OpenVPN, and connect to it when you want to access files.

Yeah it's pretty good stuff. Can run inside FreeNas as well which is nice. That is how I use it

I thought I specified linux in my post.... I'm also mostly asleep so if I didn't its a linux line.

Didn't realize its a webserver tool. I'll have to look tomorrow then.

Really should stick with Nextcloud, instead of Owncloud.

The main developers for Owncloud left, and forked into Nextcloud.

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Yep nextcloud fo sho.

If you want to get fancy on the cheap then install Proxmox and download a nextcloud LXC container. Quick admin setup and done.

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If you just want your computers to have a sync of the same folder then starting up a next cloud instanace is a bit over kill.

If you are running windows:
Resillio is simple and works.

if you are using linux you can run rsync in cron job to sync a folder with file changes.
These are to have in house solutions. if you don't mind your data in the cloud, then dropbox is simplest.

What OS are you running?

BIttorrent sync (now Resilio Sync) can do this for you. You would just need to create the correct firewall rules and such.

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Also consider buying or rigging some type of networked/IoT power outlet, so you can hard reset the machine remotely in case of a crash. There's nothing worse than calling someone across the country and asking them to go to your house and reboot a crashed server. -_-

I also have splashtop streamer installed on both my server and workstation. Server doesn't boot to a DE, but I can start one and splashtop into it if I need to; it helps to troubleshoot other problems.

It will be a form of linux of some sort. Possibly slackware? I'm doing tests today so it might just end up being ubuntu mate or KDE-Neon at the end but I am hoping for a form of slackware.

I have a timer I can set and such. Also my machines are all set to sleep automatically at 0400 hours and boot up at 1000 hours.

i don't get your p2p requirement since your files are all hosted in one place, but sshfs might suit your needs and its simple.

I have a couple machines that I use. If I need one specific file that is somewhat important I don't want bits to be missing. P2P always does the whole file, which is my preference. I can't miss anything, unlike HTTP or FTP where I have had files come incomplete.

Thank you for the suggestion though I will look into it.