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I need a mouse like the Corsair M65, but more reliable


I’m officialy on my 4th M65, after my previous three of these (two lasers, one optical) had scroll issues, this new one is the same model as the previous M65 so i can pretty much expect the same issue.
What would you guys say is a more reliable alternative to the M65? I really like the shape and weight, even the looks of it but i can’t stand having to RMA my mouse pretty much every year.
I was thinking about the Logitech G603 since it matches my G613 keyboard but browsing the local forums shows it has the same issue as the M65.
I also took a look at the Razer Atheris and Logitech G305 but i think they’re a tad too small for my hand.



Mice are designed to be unreliable. I haven’t seen a really reliable mouse since my MS Intelli Optical died 15 years ago. That thing lasted for years and years.

Just find the model you like and expect to go through them like socks.

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You know what surprises me? My Logitech M90.
Four years i have this US$10 thing, bought it at my last job because the mouse there was terrible, brought it to this job 3 years ago and it still feels like new.
Terrible sensor, but it definitely is reliable.

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Logitech is fine for me. I am yet to break one.



I’m thinking about the new MX518 as well, seems like a good buy.
I really wanted the G603 but after hearing about its issues my hope was lost.



I would still wait and see the issue’s first. I own MX Masters and it had issue’s too but I am fine with fixing them.

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One model from Logitech that i know is pretty much dead reliable is the G502, never heard about those having an issue apart from the scroll wheel itself rusting under sea air, which is something i don’t have to worry about.



Apparently there’s a new G502 with Logitech’s Hero sensor, nice.





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+1 for logitech. Have had many logitech mice and never had a single one die. They might get worn plastics and grotty but never die. This is pretty much going all the way back to 1998.

I also have a Corsair M65 and the middle scroll button is dicky. It didn’t take that long either - maybe 6-12 months?

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@Chevy_Monsenhor, thanks for posting this topic and thankyou all for your replies. It was quiet informative and helped me choose the best mouse out of all.

best regards !!

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What did you pick up? I ended up going with the G502 Hero, if I don’t like I’ll return it and pick the MX518.



The first iterations of the G502, which I own, had a left click switch problem. The clicks don’t hold when you drag something as they should and sometimes double click when you pressed once. This has since been fixed in newer iterations of the mouse, and some users reportedly just bought new switches for the primary buttons and soldered them in themselves.

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Interesting, same thing happened with MX570 trackballs from around the same era, perhaps they used the same switch.
Now its up to them to fix that scroll issue on mice based on the G403, the issue was present since the first batches of the G403 and continue to this day on the G603.



I’ve had no issues with the scroll-wheel. it works fine for me.

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The scroll wheel on the G502 is metal, right?
I’ve heard stories about them rusting under sea air, not that i have to worry about it, since i don’t live near the sea



I don’t know what it is. If it’s metal, it hollow and very light. The only thing happening with it is the paint coming off. But that’s normal after almost 4 years of abuse.

Yes yes, I’ll be cleaning it in a bit.

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And its working, unlike my M65 after just a year of use.

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I’m using it a ton every day. A friend is on his second one right now after he wore out the feet and all the rubber he grips after about five years of use and abuse. He really uses and abuses it all the time!

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