I need a motherboard for my budget build

Hi everyone on Tek Syndicate,

I need a motherboard for my budget build. My first pick is a Asus P8B75-M LX Plus, but i'm not entirely sure if I should buy it. Newegg reviews say it's good for basic computing, not for oc'ing or a bit of gaming. I'm not going to overclock my CPU, since i'm buying a Pentium 2120. However, I'm going to try overclocking my XFX HD7770 DD edition. 

Can someone give me an advice? My budget for the mobo is around $60, or €55. I don't need too many features, as long as it supports overclocking my graphics card and has USB3 front panel connector.

Thanks guys.



over clocking your gpu is all done in windows, so your mobo shouldent affect that, as far as for your build im not sure on good parts for that, but i would think any basic one should work if your not messing with overclocking of your processor

Hm, yeah alright. So an Asus mobo with a B75 chipset is okay for my build? Still don't know the difference between the B75 and H61 chipset honestly.

im an amd guy and dont know my intel stuff, hopefully someone who knows more can help you

I'd go for a Z68 if you can at the moment (they're on offer), that is if you have a spare sandy bridge or compatible ivy bridge CPU on hand. They're not much different from Z77. Make sure you look at the CPU compatability list on the manufacturers website if you're going for an older board.

I went for a Z68 board (see sig) because it was on offer for £49.99. The problem was, once I got it, it wouldn't let me use my Pentium G2020 without updating the BIOS first. I went for the Z68 because it leaves me options to upgrade to overclockable K versions in the future. The newer LGA1155 will work right off the bat with the new ivy bridge CPU's: H77, B75, Z77, Z75. 

B75 it is.