I need a monitor

I have been looking for a new monitor recently and thought maybe I could use a little help. I would like to keep it under $200 if possible. It must be at most 24 inches because if it is an bigger it will not fit on my desk. I really don't care for any resolution bigger than 1900x1080. Thanks for the help.

Best I could find for $200  ... maybe someone will find better for you.

Please keep in mind that these are offered just for info something to look for when shopping & not my personal recommendations.

I recommend that you look at a monitor before buying ... unless you get a lot of favorable feedback here.

23" Asus LED 1920x1080p 5ms IPS


24" LG LED 1920x1080p 5ms IPS



I have found some decent 22" and 24" LCDs at thrift stores like Goodwill & Value Village in the $15 - 20 range.

You might check some pawnshops or ?? 

i have a samsung 23 inch, but its a TN panel. Go with one of those mentioned above. They seem better.

ok one other thing I forgot to mention is that I would prefer DVI which the Asus lacks and the LG is a little pricey also I don't know of any pawn shops near where I am but thanks for the suggestions.

Yeah the Asus does include a  DVI-D to HDMI adapter so kinda





Just a couple suggestions , I like the Ben Q if its for gaming. TN panels have great response , do you want better color or is response more important.

thanks for all the suggestions I have chosen the asus 23.6 inch monitor