I need a Mid-range mic for streaming and recording

Ok guys i'm looking for a nice standalone mic, Price anything under 300$ what are my options?

I would love Logan's opinion for a good studio mic.


You don't really need to touch 300, just get like a snowball which is around 60, or did you need more options other than USB?

Just looking for a solid mic for studio and that i can use on multiple platforms. yes more than usb would be a plus

the AT 2020 usb or the monoprice usb condenser whatever mic is probably up your alley. mics aren't really all that fancy.

If you want to can get an arm and shock mount for it.

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Well do ya need XLR? Do you already have a mixer?

ya the AT 2020 is pretty popular

Fyi that link is to an AMD processor. i'll check it out in the morning.

Thanks for the input guys!

Dunno how that happened

Paul was just talking about microphones in his last video.