I need a MB for my xeon 3e-1275 v6

I bought a XEON E3-1275 v6 for a freenas build/upgrade but I got the wrong MB. As the MB I got was newer I decided to put a cheap i3-9100 in and stick with the newer platform. But now I am stuck with a xeon that owes me AU$500.

Does anyone know where I can find a MB to suit this cpu? I can only find one available and it isn’t cheap!

To use all Xeon functionalities you need a C236 chipset if I remember correct.

For a reasonable price (being from Europe) I found the Supermicro x11ssh-f for example. New for about 200 € (320 AU$). But if you check the used market (I do not know your customs, tax and import restrictions) you could get a bargain. Sometimes buying a used (could fit in a HP Z240) workstation or server could help you, good hunt. On aliexpress I found many motherboards with a C236, but check yourself and double check with the MOBO-Vendor (compatibility).

You should check at Intel`s ARK if the C232 chipset would an alternative to expand the numbers of possible boards.

Btw: Idk why you like to stick to an (your explanation, 500 AU$… on eBay total workstations with that chip are not much more…) much too expensive quadcore. Have you considered to sell it and the old mobo/cpu etc. to buy sth. else like TR4 or AM4 would be also a way to go.

All the best from Germany and good hunt,

That is some good advice. I have found some lists of compatible MBs but I can’t find any for sale locally or at a good price.
I don’t need another server setup now, just a desktop/gaming rig.

I agree there are much better/cheaper setups out there with same/similar/better performance.
If I can’t get a good cheap MB I will try and cut my losses and sell the CPU and get a ryzen 5 setup.

Anyone want a E3-1275 v6? Going cheap!

Thanks again for the reply.

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