I need a HD for recording!

I was thinking about grabbing another 1TB Caviar Blue, or an External HD, which one should I get?

its literial the same thing but the external will most likely be slower.

Out of the two choices, definitely go for an internal drive. It won't be bottle-necked by the USB 3.0 interface, plus internal drives are generally cheaper. You'll lose any kind of portability, but I don't think that should matter for game recordings. You can always pick up a cheap external HDD later on if you need the portability.


Funny you ask about this, because I have my own questions regarding storage for recording games. I don't want to hijack your thread though, but I feel like starting my own thread would be a waste. I guess I could follow up to your question, as you should also benefit from any answer.

Would something like a WD Black drive have tangible benefits as far as performance goes when recording 1080p gaming; over something like a cheaper WD Caviar Blue drive? I'm thinking about picking up a 3tb or 4tb drive for recording with FRAPS, but I want to be able to record without a massive hit to my framerate. I saw NCIX's


I wish I had the money for two 500gb SSDs in RAID0...then I'd be set...