I need a good pair of head phones on a budget

and it needs not to fully go over my ears or just sit on top because I want isolated sound but i also wear glass's in front of my keyboard also ill be plunging this into an amp sooooo if i could get a full sized jack i would like that



thanks guys :3

First, What is your budget? if it is 25-40 bucks then i recommend the ministry of sound 006. they are over-the-ear and have 50mm drivers. They are very good and are very comfortable for the price. If you budget is 50-60 bucks then i recommend the sony MDR-XB 400's. Those have amazing bass (the XB stands for extra bass) but i have found that the jack wears out fast. mine lasted around 4 months before starting to break. But i did use them almost all day and every day so it may be different for you. If your budget is around 80-100 bucks then i recommend the sony mdr-xz 600's. they are super powerful headphones with superb quality build and sound. If your budget is around 100-130 then i would grab the sol republic tracks. These headphones are amazing quality and because all the parts are interchangeable (headband, Speakers, Cable) you can change them to the colour you desire or if something breaks like the cable you can just buy a new one rather than have to throw away a perfectly good pair of headphones just because the jack broke. All these headphones are on ear and are very good for the money.

beats by dre, $40 quality on a budget... what? $200 is a budget

For music listening,ATH-M50 by audio-technica. Damn it's amazing. With a cheap amp like Fiio E10 usb dac,you'll be surprise.

mine is under $100 so ill look into the first 2 thank u


Look up some reviews on head-fi.org if you want to learn more about how any other these or any other headphones sound.


These are probably the best of the group, but I will throw up some other pairs for you to check out. You might find one that you prefer the sound of.