I need a good gaming computer!

Hello, I really need a good gaming desktop that can play big games on at least 720p (like far cry) I was thinking something like this http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Vvi8 but I need it to be around US$850-1000. PLEASE HELP 


So this is a thing... Should work pretty dang well for you.

EDIT: If you arn't video editing then you'll only need 8gb of RAM.  You just won't use it.

I say drop down to 8gb ram , throw on an ssd, I recommend MSI brand GPU's with the twin fans, over clocking is also really easy with msi after burner, I also think you can go cheaper on the motherboard to something with less pci slots, if your not going to do sli than you don't really need alot. 


I don't know how you guys only managed a regular 660 for $1,000 but here is a build with a 670.

EVGA is really good.


Would agree with you there Sawyer. 8GB is basicly the maximum you'll need. Most if not all programs will never go over 4GB RAM useage. An MSI with Twin Frozr, Gigabyte with Wind Force or ASUS with DirectCU II GPUs are great for over clocking. You can find EVGA with two fans but they don't normally do them.