I need a good free game

i need a good free game

runescape lol


Any game you want can be free.

GunZ, MapleStory, Last Chaos, erm, that's about all of the ok free games. GunZ has a huge learning curve, MS is fun if you're at a private server, and Last Chaos is ok, nothing special.

i kno like show me where to down load free games tht dont have uh fucking viruses and crap


Torrent trackers. Examples: Thepiratebay, demonoid, ect. Read the comments, if nobodies saying it's a virus, go for it.

If you go to their official page and download it, it won't have viruses. If your talking about illegal downloading, read the comments.


i was gunna say runescape.


can some one give me a url to a illegal down load to like fry cry eve if its slow i just dont trust myself doing this for the first time

Fry cry? Lmao. I haven't looked for a Far Cry 2 torrent, therefore I don't know of one that I can personally assure is clean.

okay any other good game torrents


Fallout 3, clean, precracked.

i have xp and when i click on download this torrent and it takes me to my down load window and i try to open it and it opens a blank tab on my mozilla frefox and nothing happens

LOL. Huge have you ever downloaded something before?

You need a torrent downloading app. Nearly everyone on RTW agrees that uTorrent is the best.


Check ur pms Huge.

nooooo i kno how to build computers and everything on the outside but i suck when it comes to all the inside stuff i'm still learning how to do a lot i'm sorta a noob not at gaming but with computers i built mine uh last march i wanna say

i feel really weird downloading this illegally does this feeling pass