I need a good cheap 1151 board

So I am planning an upgrade for my machine since my old motherboard just died and I am probably going to go with either skylake or kaby lake so I'm gonna need a socket 1151 board. I don't know much about these boards since the only board I've ever bought was a budget amd board about 3 years ago. I would like to keep the price somewhere between $100 and $130. If needed I can go up to $150. The reason for such a low budget is because I need to buy the cpu and new ddr4 RAM and I would like to keep my entire budget under $500. Thanks in advance for the help.

The Asus z170-E or z170-K are good for the money, The K's around $110 (leven less with a rebate in some places) now that 270 boards have been out for a while.

You'd have to check the manufacturer page to see if there's Kaby support, but they're solid pieces of kit.

Those actually both look like great options and checked and they both do have kaby support I might just need to flash the bios

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Hi @almightykingofgeeks i just corrected your title to reflect that you are looking for an 1151 board and not an 1150 as you wrote.

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oh whoops didn't catch that thx for fixing it


ok after a bit more poking around I'm a bit confused on whether or not the z170-e supports kaby lake or not and if not how easy it would be to flash a new bios

flashing a new bios should be relatively easy, just put the .zip on a usb, verify the checksum, boot into the EFI, and use the usb flash utitlity there.

THe K and E are both supported according to this:

Similar to what I just built. The board has lot of overclocking options too.


It might be worth holding off for the Ryzen R5 CPU's.

I'd say the launch is too far away for it to matter much if he's trying to build a rig to use now imo.

There's always better tech 3+ months out, but if you need a PC for your day to day then it can't really factor into a decision.

I wish I had waited for Ryzen instead. At the time I didn't think it was possible AMD would be this far ahead though.

True. It really all depends on your budget and right-now needs, though.

I use my computers to make my living, so avoiding lengthy downtime is more important in a lot of cases than making sure I don't fall for any memes™

Granted I bought my skylake system over a year ago, but still.

OP says their main PC just broke, so I'm assuming waiting isn't a huge factor

ok that mobo that @Dr.Venkman said looks pretty cool too the only thing is it looks like it doesn't support i7 cpus. Now I will admit I don't know very much about intel cpus but I was going to just pick up and i7 since I thought that was one of the best ones. If you guys think I should do something different then I would be glad to hear your opinion.

Also yes you are correct in saying that I need this machine up and running asap I don't really enjoy using my laptop with intel graphics as my daily machine.

Yeah it supports i7's CPU's. The Xoen E3 1230v5 is a i7 6700 that can be overclocked with that board. I've got mine at 4.6Ghz.

ok thx like I said I know nothing about intel cpus

You can also just about build a Ryzen system on budget too.


Ok I did just order the asrock e3v5 as mentioned by @Dr.Venkman so I guess this thread can be closed if needed

allrighty then i will lock this topic.

Good choice by the way.

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