I need a favor

I would love a win 7 home premuim key that i could use temporarily i just ordered my copy but my trial ends in 1 day and the shipping for my copy is going to take a while :( 

email it to me: [email protected] 

This would really help me out! I am in college and need to finish some projects and it would be great if someone could help me.

google windows 7 loader by daz. 


if you have a key, and you're on a trial... what more do you need, i think you just have to enter the key somewhere

I don't have my key yet that is the problem

oh,  you could use linux for a week

It actually doesn't prevent you from using Windows, it just occassionally gives you popups about it not being a valid copy of windows, and that you need to purchase windows. So if you can live through that, and not having a background image anymore, then you can just wait for it.