I need a case that can hold 32cm card

So I recently upgraded my Graphics card cooler to a Arctic Accelero Xtreme 7970 to only find out(after putting it on my card that it doesn't fit. So I need a case that can hold a 32cm card, I prefer a mid tower case,. I do like windows and LEDs and all that jazz but, mainly all I care about is good airflow and maybe noise canceling. I'm trying to keep my budget at $100. I was thinking of something like the Define R4, but if you guys have any better suggestions. I would like USB 3.0, room for wires in the back. I had the Zalman Z11 plus which is a case I like and have no problems with, it's a shame I have to change because of a cooler, it's only 3 months old too. I was also looking into the idea of removing the "non removable" HDD cage in the case, but I would have to mod it alittle and I do not have much experience. If any of you know how to do it, let me know because I would prefer to do that as I only have one HDD that I can move into the Optical drive bay with a tray and move my SSD to the back where I can place it behind my motherboard. Thanks alot.

fractal define r4 windowed its $100 on amazon I think

+1 to the Define R4, if you look around youll probably be able to find one on sale for about 90$

Definitely Fractal R4 or Arc Midi R2. Both are great cases, but the R4 is bigger. +1 to ragingh4vok and BeyondNight.

well... idk, i had a haf 932. i had to hide a body once, and i used that... still had enough room for my shovel in there as well.... im fairly sure it can fit a 32 cm card. it is a full tower however.

I'm going to be building a computer for a friend next week with a HAF 922. I'll take a few measurements and let you know ;)

Well that's good news because the bodies I have been hiding under my desk have been starting to stack up up. How many bodies exactly could I fit in there and can I still do crossfire afterwards? I will definitly look into this case and compare it to the Define R4. Thanks.

The Define R4 with a window(in france) 103 euros and without a window it is 93 euros, though the HAF 932 is only 116 euros(which is acceptable to stretch my budget too) which seems to have a ton of room for the furture upgrading for bitcoin mining/gaming! Adding dem graphics cards! It seems the R4 with a window is highly favored so I may go with that. I will check my budget. thank you for all the replies!

HAF XM is great, but a little over budget, I woould spend the extra


xclio 767 can prolly do it if you remove some of the drive cages. heck might fit with them.

I can't seem to find the xclio 767 from any vendors in france(amazon.fr, ebay.fr, or grosbill.com). It does look like a nice case though. The reviews on new egg are 50-50 though. Thanks!

Well so is the HAF 932(though are in an acceptable budget range), but which is better in your opinion? I just need a good looking case with good air flow, and that can hold a 32cm card. I couldn't find wether it has removable drive bays or not for either. If you know, would you please let me know! Thanks!