I Need a Board That Accepts 260-Pin SODIMM Memory

Anyone know of boards that accept 260-pin SODIMM memory?

I found the Asrock X299E/-ITX/ac. Looks very nice but also expensive and only accepts a limited range of 78xx/79xx chips. Also one from Supermicro.

I have enough components littering the shelves to build a decent machine, but that includes 32 gigs of that SODIMM RAM.

Out of curiosity, how many sticks of ram do you have or hope to use? And have you had a look at so-dimm <-> dimm adapters maybe?

As for so-dimm boards, there is ASUS Prime H310T, but like the others that one too caters for a niche use case. (e.g. ultra low profile for minimal enclosures).

Two sticks.

Did not know SODIMM>DIMM converters existed. Off to look.

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I didn’t know they existed either. At first I thought it was a fake thing, but then I saw videos of them actually working.

The seem cheap enough that I might buy two, put them in this existing machine and see if they work.

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And then you can write a review here on the forum and get a badge.

( this is assuming you didn’t review anything else already )


[Looks in case… Can’t do that. Cooler fan would block it. These things would be 52-55 mm high.]

The memory was in a Hades Canyon. Sent that back, kept the RAM. Also have a 1080 ti, 2 Samsung 960 EVO’s (256g & 1tb), two EVGA PSU’s, an AIO and a batch of fans, an Asus Gsync monitor and wishful thinking about fitting the pieces in a mini-ITX case. None of this stuff is being used, which seems rather sad, even if I don’t need another system.

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Why not remove the fan?

Or is that not possible. Idk. Lol.

Possible, but really annoying.

Are RAM prices still so dear that it’s cheaper to buy a new mobo/cpu than waste those Precious sticks?

Could always sell them. I’m sure there’s a laptop owner who’d be happy to have them.